b'THE PURPOSEOF LIFE IS A LIFEOF PURPOSEThat was just one of the many things that was achieved en-route to the bolder and more compelling vision of saving the world from Nazi peril. The kind of vision that everyone can get behind.Having clarity around a magnetic vision, a compelling purpose and the value you want to bring into the world is a common characteristic that I have observed amongst many of the most successful leaders and organisations during my journey as a Coach.In fact, the most motivated and fulfilled people I know have desires that are attached toTo live is the a purpose greaterrarest thing in the than themselves.I ts 1943 and chief engineer at aerospaceAs Indianworld. Most people company Lockheed, Clarence Kelly Johnson,philosopherexist, that is all.receives a call from the US Department ofPatanjali notes:Oscar WildeDefence. German jet fighters have just appearedWhen you are over Europe and the US wants a counterpunch. inspired by some This was a mission of the utmost importance with angreat purpose, some impossibly tight deadline. Kelly, however, had anextraordinary project, all your idea. At their facility in California, he assembles athoughts break their bonds. Your mind transcends small team of his brightest engineers and mechanics,limitations, your consciousness expands in every gives them total design freedom and walls them offdirection and you find yourself in a new, great and from the rest of Lockheeds bureaucracy. wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and Just 143 days later - an incredible achievement thattalents become alive and you discover yourself to is all the more impressive for the fact they are sevenbe a greater person by far than you ever dreamed days ahead of schedule - Kellys team delivers theyourself to be.USs first military jet to the Pentagon. I believe that the purpose of life is a life of It is important to note that the goal was not to buildpurpose. this new jet in record time. 06'