b'EDITORSLETTERWelcome to Issue 32020. the start of a brand-new decade. Whats the next- If you feel now is the time to heal and move forward, decade going to be about for you?What do you really wantTransformational Coach and Trainer Sarah Ilaria Northe, to achieve or change? helps you to start that journey to Come home to you by Coaching is a way to unlock and access everything insidereconnecting with and reclaiming your inner child. you. It enables you to fulfil your true potential, embrace who- If you want to become a coach or add accredited coach and what you are and realise what you can achieve.training to your skillset, Master NLP Trainer and International Connecting with your purpose in a focused way; looseningExecutive Coach, Steve Payne, walks you through how to the shackles of limiting thoughts and beliefs, banishing doubtstart your journey.and face fear means you can achieve anything you wantCOACH is here to inspire, educate and empower you on - and in this issue there are some truly inspiring coachesyour coaching journey at all stages. Whether you are a from across the world sharing their valuable and uniquecoach, want coaching for yourself or are looking to trainapproaches. as a coach youll find something or someone that connects This issue is all about purpose, growth and change with you. so what can you expect inside? 2020 is an exciting year for COACH. The podcast is - Cover and Business Coach, Kirsty Carden takes youlaunching - another platform to share, learn and explore through the exact steps to achieve powerful breakthroughs incoaching conversations with professional coaches and your business this year.experts; we are creating powerful partnerships in order to - The ICF (International Coaching Federation) give theiroffer you some of the best coach training and development predictions for the future of the coaching industry and whatavailable and the online COACH Directory will launch too, you can do as a coach to prepare and how you can embraceso there is plenty to look forward to!the future. To keep up with everything and be a part of it, join- Alison Coates, Leadership Coach, looks at emotionalthe COACH Community on Facebook, connect with the intelligence and how developing this helps coaching practice. COACH socials and get in touch if you would like to feature or list in The Directory. - Award-winning Life Coach Simon Alexander Ong sets outWishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year!how to live a purposeful life and how to really start reflecting on the important questions of life to find your own answers.- Business Coach & Mentor, Gary Das, writes about how maintaining a positive mindset alongside physical fitness is essential for a healthy and successful business.COACH IS ON:FIND US - LIKE US, FOLLOW US AND BE A PART OF THE MOVEMENT!Teresa Brooks is an award-winning businesswoman, founder and Editor of COACH Magazine, a professionally trained Coach (AC Accredited Training), NLP Practitioner (ANLP Accredited Training) and Mental Health First Aider MHFA (England).teresabrookscoaching.com02'