b'KEVIN GEORGEFROM PREMIER LEAGUE FOOTBALLER.TO HUMAN PERFORMANCE CONSULTANT.I then noticed hundreds of other playersinsight into how Sir Alex Ferguson managed people.going through their own negativeThis is the true core of coaching and one I was journey in this dreamland ofpassionate about delivering via Soccolgy. professional football. I began toWhen someone create remedial programmes forlistens and investsFast forward 14 years and Im working withthe problems I, and others, hadin us personally,a group of U23s at a Premier League club. experienced and witnessed inwe feel extra value;I ask them to raise their hand if theyre school, football and society.leading us to investplaying at their best. 3 out of 22 hands show. Football coaches and managersmore in ourselves,The remaining 19 players linked not fulfilling focus heavily on playerthus enriching thetheir potential to emotional problems. development and methods and,relationship and ourAside from player performance, football as coaches, do not reflect thecontains people who have challenging home performance. and personal lives, so mindful management task and achievement sense of the verbs; manage and coach.is also a vital part of the players overall To paraphrase Sir Ken Robinson, Youdevelopment as a human being.can be engaged in the activity of somethingKevin George is an ex-but not really achieving it, like dieting.professional premier league Hes dieting. Is he losing weight? Not really.footballer, psychotherapist, Why? Because the dieting isnt addressing the real problem. trained coach and NLP Coaching is a word like that. There he is on pitchpractitioner. He delivers 5, coaching.Soccology programmes But if hes not being understood, supported andacross the UK and his motivated to achieve from within, not addressing theviews on mental health real problems, hes engaged in the task of coachinghave seen him featured on but not fulfilling it. international media platforms The greatest football coaches utilise the human relationship.such as BBC, ITV, GQ. He writes for Sir Alex Ferguson tailored his communication to the individual,the British Councils global education magazine investing time to get to know them personally. He is not knownand partners on their international projects. He as a great coach, he is known as a great manager becausedelivers behaviour therapy in schools nationally, of ability to personally manage people. For people not in the football world, praise is thrust upon coaches when achievingfacilitates emotional literacy in Wandsworth tactical, and on managers when they get the best out ofPrison and counsels for Englands biggest players, when in truth both are about getting the best out ofchildrens mental health charity, Place2Be.people. In my Soccology book two former Manchester Unitedkevin-george.complayers, Quinton Fortune and Kieran Richardson give more What is Soccology?Combining football with therapy, Soccology promotes positive change, from promoting mental health awareness to social inclusion and is aThe best-selling service for change using the biggest game in the world as a model.book, Soccology, Clubs I played at often had players potentially worth millions but, notfeatures professional knowing how to tap into their potential, they excluded them. Often frominternational footballers, challenging backgrounds, their unconscious mind needed support toa Psychophysicist. a develop and unlock their true potential; something football intelligenceKPMG senior partner, two heavily relied upon. The result? Wasted talent. This happens in all areascoaches and a manager. of life. So many people dont fulfil what they could as they are not ableIt offers insight into to unlock this potential and implement change. This is how coachingthe lives of the worlds changes everything; on all levels, for all types of people.best and how to develop as a player Soccology facilitates organisational and individual change in the formintellectually and emotionally to reach of mental health, emotional literacy, social inclusion and professionalultimate potential and deliver peak development and had delivered across 90% of the Premier League, toperformance.academies, schools, national corporations and individuals.13'