b'IGNITE YOUR SEXUALITYSarah Rose Bright is a pioneer as the UKs first certified sex, pleasure & intimacy coach and founder of Ignite your Sexuality and V-Life. She has worked with hundreds of women, men and couples to empower them to awaken their true sexual nature and live their full potential. She blends extensive training, personal experience, ancient wisdom and modern sexology for clients to love their true sexual nature and create happy, healthy, empowered and confident lives.sarahrosebright.comB y reclaiming and channeling thisit is something that is yours and not just something in energy, you can use it for creativityrelation to another person. health, vitality and much more. ByCommon sexuality problemsbuilding up your sexual power, youYou will usually be aware of problems and it can can build up more personal power.be an uncomfortable place in which you may feel guilt, shame or fear. Lack of sexual confidence, little The Taoists and the Tantrikas have known this for eons.or no sex, low or no desire, not getting aroused, not Napoleon Hill talked about this in Think and Groworgasming, early ejaculation, erections problems, not Rich when he wrote about cultivating sexual energyknowing what you want or how to ask for it are some for creativity and success. When people address theirkey issues and they are very common.sexual issues, they are more innovative and creative inIt is common to feel alone and like you have no one work, more confident and take more risks.to talk to. Many people dont realise help is available When you are blocked or shutdown sexually, it affectsand its often the first step thats the most challenging.your confidence, relationships, work, creativity, health,What you may also not realise is many of these business success - everything.problems sit beyond the medical realms. However, just as it shuts areas down it can also openHoping these problems will go away or resolve them up. This area is often the missing link yet itsthemselves can mean months and years slip by and usually the last place people look during their personalit gets worse; until something happens. This is often a development work.major life event which raises deep questions and can Part of reframing your sexuality means understandingbe a trigger to get help.26'