b'WRITING A BOOKIS IT REALLYWORTH IT?M ore and more coaches are seeing theresearch your topic, and review your client successes, youll value in writing a book. Im sure thatprobably find gems you didnt realise you had. ITS OK TO NOT BE OK some featured in this issue of COACHWhen you create the framework or signature system for your also have a book to their name. book as part of the writing process, this will probably form the Its no secret that a great book will raise your credibilityfoundation for what you do, such as products, programmes and expert status. When you firmly position yourself as anand talks. This brings everything you do together into a neat authority, youll attract new opportunities and it will openlittle package that is easier to promote and sell.doors for you; the more people who hear your message, theAs you find your voice, your confidence will grow, and this bigger the impact you can make.belief will radiate through the work you do. Not only through But in the 10 years since Iyour book but also through your message, other marketing wrote and published my firstactivities and how you show up in the world, even before book, things have changedyour book is published. This clarity in your message will hugely. Its become easierimpact on everything from your elevator pitch to the copy on than ever to get published andyour website. Youll get clearer on the answer to the question there lots of other people withI love to ask people - what do you want to get known for? the same idea. It also cantWhat you learn about yourself when writing a book is be denied that writing a bookpriceless, and as much as its an amazing feeling when you takes time, investment andhave your book in your hand, the growth you go through will commitment, so even if a bookbe life changing. is on your agenda for 2020,Not only will you become a published author, you might be wondering if itsyoull have a deep-down authority that you really worth it? may never have realised you had.As a book mentor, it maySo, I hope you can see how writing aFREE surprise you when I say that writing a book isnt for everyone.book is worth it for you! But for many it is a great vehicle to share their wisdom. OverKaren shares 10 principles for45 minute book the last six years, Ive seen clients achieve some amazingwriting a book that will build yourconsultation for successes from writing a book, many of them unexpected.business, enhance your brandCOACH readers. and get you noticed. Listen atEmail: karen@A transformational journey becominganauthority.co.uk. librotas.comIn my view, writing a book is so much more than having a book in your hand with your name on it. To get to that end goal, you will undoubtedly go on a transformational journey. When you write a book, you will get to know yourself on aKaren Williams is The Book Mentor, much deeper level. You may well be delving into the past,founder of Librotas and helps business experts reflecting on your personal journey. You will probably feel uncomfortable as you work on yourself alongside the processto become an authority in their business of writing it, but this will result in huge growth in your ownthrough writing and publishing a book. understanding and knowledge. She recently published her sixth book, I find that many clients are surprised by the value in what theyBecoming An Authority. She is a TEDx know. When you reflect on your processes and knowledge,speaker, bestselling author, and runs 31 transformational writing retreats in Spain.librotas.com'