b'THE INSIDE TRACK.COACHING MEETS THERAPYCoaches - are you future ready?TO ACHIEVE RAPID TRANSFORMATIONSW hen you think of coaching, youHow does it work?probably think of strategy andRapid Transformational Therapy is an intense 2-hour accountability for your businessprocess done under hypnosis which utilises powerful or your personal life but how canmodalities like regression, untethering, role/function/coaching combine with therapy to help?. purpose, installing the cheerleader and upgrading the A coach is an expert at dealing with the now and movingchild. forward whilst a therapist is an expert at unravelling andA 20-minute personalised recording is also created to listen making sense of the past. Coaching affects change throughto daily. This continues the re-wiring process after treatment the conscious mind and hypnotherapy affects changeso between 1 and 3 sessions is usually enough.through the subconscious mind.The subconscious mindCan therapy ever be rapid? drives your preferences and your conscious mind is theYes. Very often a phobia can be transformed instantly driver of your decisions and choices.Ultimately, the twobut things like chronic illness or deep depression may working in tandem is the ideal state. need longer. Neurons that fire together wire together, so Rapid Transformational Therapy and Clinical HypnotherapyRTT jumpstarts that process by helping to carve out the works in that deeper, darker place where most blockspathways for happiness, courage and freedom.emanate from. As a qualified therapist, I go deep, back to childhood to Weve all known someone who just cant seem to pushexplore memories under hypnosis in order to gain clarity as through their fears and problems to get forward and, noto why limiting beliefs have been adopted and then I help matter what analogy you offer them or however wiseyou to re-wire your neurology to facilitate change.the words of support, it just doesnt seem to make anyIm hugely passionate about innovative approaches to difference or help. Maybe you feel like that and just canthealth and wellbeing which are rooted in neuroscience get out of that funk or that place even though you wantand have first-hand experience with dissolving personal to, and you know its not healthy for you? Worse still, itschallenges like chronic anxiety, depression, insomnia, stopping you from being happy and achieving your goalsstress, burnout, relationship issues, sugar addiction and in life. co-dependency. Why is this? Most patterns, behaviours and blocksWhen you can clear out the past and cultivate the right are written in childhood and that set point stays untilmindset tools, you can then believe you are enoughand we become aware of them and choose to re-wire ourcan thrive in this world feeling connected andworthy. neurology.How do these patterns get set?As children, we have 3 main needs. 1. To feel safe, secure and loved. 2. To avoid rejection and find connection.Sally Garozzo is a Clincial Hypnotherapist 3. For our feelings and emotions to be validated.and Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT). All too often our needs arent met in childhood and weShe founded Inspiring Talks Brighton and create protection mechanisms to meet those needsis hugely passionate about an innovative instead. Things like shutting down, attention seeking, takingapproach to health and wellbeing. She works on too much responsibility, people pleasing, addiction, co-dependency, OCD and even anxiety, depression orwith a broad range of clients seeking resolution insomnia. and freedom from their past patterns in order We are wired during childhood to keep loving our parents;to find happiness and self-worth.even if they treated us badly or didnt listen to us. As asallygarozzo.comresult, we never stop loving our parents, but we do stop loving ourselves and blocks are born out of that such as shame, guilt and fear of rejection.14'