b'FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF SUCCESSFUL COACHESTaking an accredited course does not make you an accredited coach and it is important that the Steve Payne,course you do decide to take is accredited by Coach, Master NLPone of the industrys leading recognised bodies, Trainer, Foundersuch as the AC, ICF or EMCC.of The Academy of Coaching andWhat do you need to run a Training, Internationalsuccessful coaching business? Executive Coach,Working as an international coach, NLP Master Keynote Speaker, Trainer and a trainer of professional coaches for Co-author of My 31more than a decade, I have become extremely Practices. familiar with the issues facing new coaches. taoct.uk For a financially thriving coaching business, the following elements are key:1. You need to BE a great coach and develop the awareness and high levels of skills great coaches have.2. Developing great skill with coaching tools, frameworks and processes to be able to craft your coaching for client success3. Thinking like an entrepreneur and marketer. Professional coaching is a business, so you need solid T he coach training industry is anbusiness skills.unregulated, technologically fast-paced4. Developing products and income streams that you and highly competitive world. Thesecan market.factors have a massive impact on theThe Academy of Coaching & Training - future of coaches and coaching. StandardsPremier Coach Training Programmematter, the technology needs to be embraced and re the competition, you need to be in it The A.C.T. is an Organisational Member of the to win it. Association for Coaching and was founded in 2011 with the intention of ensuring high quality and standards in The first crucial step on your journey is your initial coachcoach training and at the same time to prepare coaches training and when it comes to the word accreditation,for business success.there is much confusion. Taking an accredited trainingThis programme brings together coaching and business course comes first. Later you can opt to become anskills via a highly experiential training experience independently accredited coach if you wish throughwhich blends theory with extensive practice. It builds an application process with one of the organisationalin all the key elements a new coach needs to start their bodies. professional coaching career.16'