b'HOW TO HAVE A BREAKTHROUGH THIS YEARMake this year an incredible success for you and your business.CommitmentAre you fully committed to making this happen or is there some toe dipping going on? One of the reasons most people fail is because they dont totally commit in the first place so check in and ask yourself - Is it a Ill try or I must? Language is so important, both internally and externally, as well as the want and need for this change to happen. Are you 100% committed to achieving this?AccountabilityThe more skin you have in the game, the more chance you stand of achieving your goal. Put your money where your mouth is is really true when it comes to having a breakthrough. Every single successful person I interviewed had a coach or mentor (or both)- someone who helped them achieve their breakthrough and kept them accountable as well as publicly committing to the achievement of it. Who can you get to support you and how can you be held more accountable?Be prepared for self-doubtWhenever you go on a new venture, self-doubt will creep in. Not just yours but the doubt of others too! You need to be ready to catch it. Whenever we try to do somethingKirsty Carden is an NLP Master new, our body fights against it trying to keep us safe. ThePractitioner, Mindset & Business difference between those who had their breakthrough andCoach for female entrepreneurs those that didnt is they were prepared for this and pushedand she works with ambitious on regardless. The choice you make here is the difference between breakthrough or not, so prepare for self-doubt nowwomen to help them to confidently by writing a list of what you will do when it shows up.create and grow successful online Listen to that voice and hear it as a sign that you needbusinesses through becoming more to realign with what you want - and push through! visible. Kirsty supports her clients Its all about your identity through her signature mastermind Last, but not least, this is what everything comes downprogramme, Live, Love, Grow as well to - how we see ourselves! Because we will always act inas events and workshops, courses,accordance to who we believe we are. If you see yourself as1-1 coaching and public speaking.someone that starts but never finishes, guess what happens?She has been featured in The Whatever we achieve or dont achieve links back to how weHuffington Post, Bossbabes, Divine see ourselves - our identity. Write this down - Im the kind ofLiving Magazine, Ideal Home and person who always. keep writing everything that comes up then notice anything that comes up that conflicts with whatHouse Beautiful.you want.kirstycarden.comRight there - thats the work you need to do to create your breakthrough.05'