b'WCOMING HOME TOWhat does coming hometo you mean and why is it necessary?I ts my belief through experience in my own life,This way of working as a coach is hugely demanding and and through delivering thousands of hours oflife changing and, as a coach facilitating these processes, its intuitive coaching and healing to others, thatessential to walk your talk and commit to being fully present most of us are in crisis. and genuine in the coaching relationship. My own relationship with myself and my younger fragmented self is crucial and, to We are in crisis in our relationships, our health, about the worldhold space effectively for my clients, I consistently commit and around us and our meaningful purpose. Were searching forrecommit to my own healing.answers outside of ourselves to bring us peace and liberationIts always fear that stops us from taking from the dis-ease within us. this path of intimately relating to our true But the wonderful thing about crisis is that it presents as much opportunity as it does challenge.essence. Fear that we are not enough, fear Transformational coaching and inner child healing arethat we are not worthy, fear that we will be designed to help you remember the pure and potent wonder ofrejected and of course fear that we will not your true essence.withstand our own brilliant divinity.This is what has been forgotten from a very young age whenIt is that last sentence which my soul knows to be the truth. we have experienced imprints, wounds and traumas which haveIts that brilliance and light that my inner child recognises as caused us to reject, abandon, shame and judge our younghome. Its the place where she spins with her arms outstretched selves.knowing she is pure, perfect and complete.We fall out of love with ourselves and this broken relationshipThe tragic truth is that so many times, every day this brilliance is then reflects in every relationship we have within our world. denied - with a harsh word, yet another criticism and a further Working transformationally with the inner child utilises thedimming of that light. quantum theory of no time and no space to alter a clientsIt is stark and painful to see how the children within us have reality - past, present and future. The approach works withbeen neglected, shamed and mistreated with our constant the whole self; the emotional, energetic, mental and physicalinternal criticism, avoidance of feeling our emotions and ever-dimensions, working across time and space to heal old storiespresent worry about what others will think. and shift limited perceptions.This enables clients to take full responsibility of their power asHowever, the healing thats a creator and for their own unique creations. We are able topossible through the process of heal the wounds of our own perceptions and take ownership ofreintegration and nurturing is how we relate to ourselves and therefore to the people and thea joy to witness. The power of world we perceive around us. love and compassion to heal It is necessary to begin a whole new love affair withthe broken relationship with self, yourself? results in physical, emotional and mental healing that has Without the ability to love all aspects of yourself, everybeen previously impossible.relationship becomes a mirror reflecting back on us the shadows we find unpalatable within ourselves.You can find out more We hide away our vulnerabilities but then see them illuminatedin my book Find Your in our relationships. We resist them and the consequence is True Northe - Awaken that we deny the other person permission to love us fully as weto the pure wonder.truly are.22'