b'THE INSIDE TRACK.THE FUTURE OF COACHINGCoaches - are you future ready?The coaching industry is in a state of flux and if you continue to do what youve always done, you may find the industry has changed but you havent.BRITT MACFARLANE is a Board member of the UK ICF and sharesHow to prepare as a coach - Taking steps the findings of the latest ICFto make the most of these changes.research with COACH. PREDICTION - Coaching will still be in high demand but T he ICF is the largest professional coachingfor specialist coaches that can provide targeted coaching for specific challenges. Currently team coaching is also association and sets the gold standard for coaching.gaining in popularity. With circa 35,000 members in over 140 countries,PREPARATION - Grow your own expertise in specific the UK branch is the largest branch. What can theareas e.g. leadership, agile, wellbeing or executive.experts tell us about the future of coaching? PREDICTION - With the increase in awareness of Our industry is currently unregulated and thosethe importance for mental wellbeing, we believe of us who have experienced professionalthere will be an increase in demand for holistic coaching and have chosen to go throughGiving coachescoaches and coaching.an accredited coach training programwho changePREPARATION - Ensure you have a holistic understand, and are passionate about, thethe world theunderstanding to bring - a client is always positive and powerful change good coachingtools they need a whole person, something that technology facilitates. to change it. cannot access.The Board of the UK ICF has been examining thePREDICTION - Awareness of the benefits coaching industry to predict the direction and planof hiring a credentialed coach is growing and for our members and we believe there are number ofdemand for credentialed coaches will also grow. societal influences that could potentially affect the coachingPREPARATION - Join a professional association, get industry in the next 3-10 years, if not sooner. The main twoa credential, or step up a level if you already have a being; credential to increase credibility.1. Coaching in Organisations - In realising the value of PREDICTION - Coaching technology will grow and coaching in the workplace in areas of organisational change, diversify. personal wellbeing and performance, organisations will look PREPARATION - Keep up with developments in the to increase their provision but at a lower cost. This could lead to technology world; use the coaching support apps to offer increased internal coaching and using technology to provide you an advantage in a technology embracing world.basic coaching to employees at all levels, moving coaching PREDICTION - It might become harder to make a living away from being an exclusive investment for the top leadership from pure coaching. tier. PREPARATION - Diversify your portfolio to offerThe UK ICF is preparing for this by starting a new membershipsupervision, mentoring, training and facilitation.stream - ICF for Organisations;working together to share latest research, best practice and support coaching culturePREDICTION - There will still be a high demand for development. executive coaching by external coaches. 2. Technologythis is evolving so quickly, its hard to predict PREPARATION - Develop your executive coaching skills.what will become the new norm. Technology already exists toassist coaches and Coaching, also alongside other technologycoachfederation.org that tries to replace the human element of coaching.We feel that whilst some technology will take over coaching basics such as planning, record keeping, client tracking and communication, it will not be able to truly read what the client is not saying or read clients unrecognised programs. The UK ICF would like to wish you every success and Therefore, coaching for true behavioural change, wewe hope to be there along your journey to support you believe, will still firmly be the remit of human coaches. in your professional coaching career. 15'