b'Gary Dasis a Mentor, Business Coach and NLP practitioner, founder of award-winning mortgage brokerage, Active Mortgage, host of the Mortgage Pro Podcast and author of the Self-Employed Mortgage Guide. He helps service-based business owners and entrepreneurs to create more money, time and freedom and to accelerate their business, maximise their marketing and build powerful personal and business brands.garydas.comMy routine sets Mental Agility a strong intention My mental agility was exercised and toned yetfor the day and is again when I invested in coach and NLP training.Learning about the way the mind works anda key part of my how to direct it effectively to achieve goals usingbusiness successframeworks and tools is akin to being in the gymPhotographer: Jennifer Fage @ beinspiredmedia.co.ukusing weights and equipment designed to strengthen your body.The acceleration Ive achieved in my business in the last 4 years is a direct result of my commitment in these areas.My business needs me to maintain a fit mind and body; a balance requiring focus and consistency - two key requirements for a thriving business.Your focus, productivity, business success and wealth can and will improve and accelerate when you make the time to exercise your body and your mind, eat well, rest well, invest in yourself - and always keep your head in the game.11'