b'FILL YOUR MINDBEFORE YOU FILLYOUR PLATEMindful Eating and Mindset Ever found yourself working with a bag of crisps or chocolate on your desk, and when you next look down, they had suddenly disappeared? .Being so focused on whichever task was at hand, youve eaten whatever it was without even noticing or even tasting it!Thats mindLESS eating and Id be lying if I said Id never been in that situation, but its not a great feeling when you realise your food is gone and youve eaten without even thinking about it, let alone enjoying it. Adopting mindful eating practices can help you to lead a more 6 Ways to Practiceconsistent, healthy lifestyle.Mindful Eating What is mindful eating? Mindful eating is about being Mindful Eating truly aware of the foods you put Mindless Eating ur body andinto your body, and how you g 1. Listening to yo eat them and experience them. 1. Eating past full and ignorin stopping when full Its about understanding the yo 2.dies tell ur bodys signals Eating when our bo rowling, 2. Eating when emotions tell us to eat (ie. stomach g benefits of eating healthy foods us to eat (ie. sad, bored,energy low) and really using all your senses lonely) 3. Eating with others at setto truly enjoy nourishing food. 3. Eating alone, at randomtimes and places Its also how to understand times and places 4. Eating foods that are4. Eating foods that are nutritionally healthy your hunger and fullness emotionally comforting 5. When eating, just eating levels.5. Eating and multi-tasking 6. Considering where food 6. Considering a meal ancomes fromend product28'