b'IGNITE YOUR SEXUALITY - EMPOWER YOUR LIFEOur sexuality is our life source and our power source.Impact on personal relationships This can have a massive impact on peoples sex lives - Thoughts and beliefs about how sex should be canas you may have experienced for yourself. really affect people negatively. How does a sex coach help?The most common belief is that sex should be focusedMy personal experience on the goal of erections and orgasms which putsI was in a very emotionally abusive relationship in pressure on from the start, so re-orientating peoplemy teenage years which left me with very little self-to enjoy pleasure and to enjoy the journey makes aesteem, low body image numbed out with addictions significant difference; learning to trust their bodiesthrough my 20s. rather than perform to a specific script changes everything. Despite a successful corporate career, I was very Many areas impact on ourunhappy, terrified of sex and ashamed of my past sex life and a lot of it is thesexual experiences. I loathed my body and lack of education. considered genital reconstruction.The problem with sexI was veryI knew I had to face this area and it was education is there isunhappy, terrifiedone of the scariest things that I ever did. very little of it and itsof sex and ashamedBut this transformed my life in an incredible very fear based; howof my past sexualway I never imagined which also led me to not to get pregnantexperiences becoming a sex coach.or catch STIs ratherMy work is to support my clients (both than teaching youngindividuals and couples) in overcoming sexual people about their bodies,challenges and creating a fulfilling sex life through pleasure, respect andusing a powerful mix of coaching, education and communication. body-based practices. Add to this a lack of open discussion, the influence ofThis is key to changing habits and removing limiting porn and movies, past experiences, family beliefs andbeliefs around yourself and sex.trauma and this is how people become sexually shutSex coaching works in a variety of ways, using a down.non-pathologising, sex positive and holistic approach In a busy, stressful, challenging and exhausting society,which includes the whole person and their lifestyle. people dont allow themselves to relax and enjoyProblems in other areas often needs addressing first. pleasure as there is no off switch.Steps to sexual empowerment Take responsibility for your pleasure. We often look to another for this, but it is our responsibility. Get to know who you are as a sexual being and what you really desire, not who you think you should be. Just like anything, there is SO much to discover and explore. Take time to learn about your body and your pleasure. Your state of being- ie that you are relaxed, enjoying pleasure, connected to your body - is far more important than any technique. Focus on the pleasure not on the goal. Discover what is possible when you let go of the goal.Get some support to heal past experiences or current issues.We can learn many unhelpful sexual habits as we grow up which cause so many of the sexual problems, so getting support can really help.There is SO much to learn.27'