b'fitFIT MIND, BODY & BUSINESSWhy positive mindset and regular exercise is the foundation of business successI m part of the 5am club. In the gym by 5.30am; hitting the cardio, lifting weights, focused on conditioning my body, mind and, as a result, my business. My routine sets a strong intention for the day and is a key part of my business success.A fit business needs a fit mind and body to run it The role that physical and mental fitness plays in achieving success can be underestimated, but its the foundation of it all.Exercise releases endorphins which reduce stress and improve energy levels, cognitive ability and sleep quality.When you train your body, your mind also gets a workoutits stimulated to sharpen and perform at its peak and a huge part of achievement in sport and fitness lies in the mindset.Owning and running your own business is physically and mentally demanding and the qualities needed for a fit body are the same ones needed for a fit business; resilience, determination, strength and consistency to name but a few. Within 6 months, I recovered from my accident and, As a coach and mentor to service-based business owners,eventually, playing sport again helped me lose the weight property investors and mortgage professionals, I help peopleand regain my fitness. This, in turn, alleviated my pain and create more profit, time and freedom, build their business andallowed my mental fitness to restore balance. But the memory market their brand to achieve an all-round fit business. of that fat teen still haunts me and is a constant motivation to Values of Fitness and Health maintain my mind and body fitness.These are two of my core values and I am grateful for themOvercoming setbacksdaily as I also know what its like to nearly lose them. Investing in your physical and mental fitness is essential Aged 13, I was a football-loving boy, fit and always on theas a business owner or entrepreneur in order to overcome move until an ice-skating accident shattered my kneecap.setbacks.There was a chance I would never play football again.Ive suffered setbacks in business over the last 13 years and Bed-bound and attached to a machine, I didnt move much,experienced what I perceived to be huge failures, alongside I couldnt sleep, I comfort ate and ballooned from 9 to 13burnout and self-sabotage. Each time, maintaining a fit body stone. This shattered my self-image and my confidence. Thisand a fit mind has given me the resilience and strength to was my first learning about the connection between body andrise again.I know now that, without regular training for my mind. My negative body image had caused a negative statebody, my mindset and overall wellbeing can also suffer. If my and mindset. mindset suffers, my business will too.10'