b'KEVIN GEORGEFROM PREMIER LEAGUE FOOTBALLER.TO HUMAN PERFORMANCE CONSULTANT.Using emotional literacy to develop intellectual hearts.REACH YOUR ULTIMATE POTENTIAL &DELIVER PEAK PERFORMANCEA fter spending eight years as a premierDuring my time in professional football, I learnt that there was league Professional Footballer, for clubsa great deal invested into how to perform as players; but not such as West Ham Utd andCharltonas people. This was a huge problem, both then and still now.Athletic FC,I featured in films, programmesClubs I played at were regularly shunning players when their and global commercials for brands such asNike,Cocaemotions affected their performances in a negative way. ColaandWalkers Crisps.Often described as their legs have gone cant handle the pressure not up to it or bad attitude they were describing Body doubling for a host of stars that include Cristianowhat they didnt understand -the emotional experience of a Ronaldo, Thierry Henry and John Abrahams, and being soplayer and of the person. These comments would most often close to these talents, I used to observe their behaviours andcome after players struggled with rejection, trauma of injury, to talk with them about their success. micro-management issues and other big changes thrust upon Although the scenes were manufactured on set, Cristiano andthem.Thierry seemed like different players. Without the intensityI knew this because I was one of those players. I had a of their professional surroundings, we could not ignite themanager that would tell the team to play, step by step, in a aggression within them and the unconscious mind couldplaying style that was negative and restrictive. It went against not be activated. Probably their main drivers behind theirwhat drew the players to the game in the first place -self performance. expression.This led me to begin my journey in human behaviour. I personally felt that I could not express myself. This is common Studying psychotherapy,neuro-Linguistic programming,in football among coaches, whereby they feel as though they coaching and reading up on neuroscience, I developed aare doing the best for the player. What about when they get passion for how human beings performed in different spacesit wrong? I believe that you should allow the player to fail on and turned my passion into a human performance business their terms, coach them in terms of the definition of the word to help people with change.and not the limitations of the football translation.12'