b'APOWERFULANDIMPACTFUL TALKPeople who want to speak have the same thing in common- to be the best and seen as the best. They want to master speaking and impart their expertise. I help them create a talk that disrupts and markets them as the only option for their clients. As a curator and speaker mentor for TEDx, I not only choose speakers but help them create their talks, train them to deliver with confidence and gain views of their talks - and possibly to go viral.What is a TEDx talk? Thunberg - she uses powerful emotive language with A TED talk only happens at official TED events. TEDxpersonal action to create a movement and be heard. events are run by licensed organisers who create a TEDSpeaking is the fastest way to grow your business. You style event in their hometown to bring new ideas andconnect with many people at once, youre seen as a spark discussions in their community. With 3000+ TEDxleader, one talk leads to another, you create higher level events run globally every year, speaking at TEDx is anconnections, clients and opportunities that non-speakers easier way to get the speaker accolade.dont get exposed to. You can be agile and iterate your What are they for? message. You can repurpose talks for big stages, small Whilst speaking at TEDx gives massive credibility,stages, different markets, deliver them online, on video, TED talks arent about pitching your business or simplyon TV or Radio. You can monetize your talks through paid motivating. Their purpose is to challenge the status quospeaking or sell products and services on the back of with deep insights for solutions to problems that you mayyour talk.never have even heard of before!How hard is it to get a TEDx talk? The Myths You can either be invited to speak or apply. The application is key. TEDx will not typically give you Professional and motivational speakers have nofeedback, they dont have time, so getting help in creating advantage over unknown voices. TEDx want fresh ideasa compelling pitch is vital if you want to fast track to the and new content. You dont have to speak about yourTEDx stage.profession or tell your life story. If you have expertise in a subject and can pique curiosity with a solid solution, yourIs a TEDx talk for everyone? pitch has a good chance. Whilst I believe everyone has a What makes a viral talk?talk inside of them, you dont Strategic marketing mixed with great content. Start yourhave to wait until then marketing way before your video launches- as soonto speak more and as you get the speaking gig because by the time yourgrowing your impact,COACH MAGAZINE influence and talk video is launched, you will have already missed thebusiness fast. WeREADER OFFER biggest opportunity to effectively market it.invite people to For content to go organically viral, it needs to bespeak at our disruptive, universal and shareable. Karl Jung said, whatsFree Strategy session to most personal is most universal and the most successfulevents, but wediscuss how you can talks have a point and narrative that resonates as truthful,cant invite you if we dontleverage speaking or land relatable and relevant for many people - hence they getknow aboutyour talk. Plus a shared.you! Look forfree training video. How can I grow my business with it? opportunity to If youre a coach and you want to speak at TEDx,speak and bewww.minnievon.com/apply you dont have to talk about what you do. Lead withheard. Quote COACH when something unique that you are invested in. Think Gretabooking.21'