b'Heres a guide of how to practice eating5. Put your fork down between bites. This is an mindfully and the benefits you can expect.excellent habit to support the chewing. The act of setting your fork down forces you to focus on chewing Start by practicing one step for a few days, and thenyour food rather than letting yourself mindlessly try the next one. Eventually you can combine all stepspick at your food, preparing for your next bite. It 2-5 during a whole meal and experience being fullyencourages you to slow down and attend more to the mindful while you eat: taste of your food.1. Grocery shopping. Believe it or not, mindful eating6. Eat to satisfaction, not to stuffed! - This small step starts when you shop! Its always best to shop whenmakes a HUGE difference. Try it for yourself! Eat to you are full (or somewhat full). The last thing you80% fullness and avoid that uncomfortable feeling of want to do is to food shop when you are hungryhaving overeaten. (or starving) because you will make unhealthy food7. Eat with no distractions. Using our phones, decisions. Also, be aware of the aisles you enter.watching TV or talking distracts us from our food. You Focus on entering the aisles which display healthymay find yourself swallowing your food quicker too, options.so eat your food without any distractions so you can 2. Come to the table with an appetite - but not whengive your undivided attention to the way you eat and very hungry. If you skip meals, you may be so eagerthe experience.to get anything in your stomach that your first priority8. Think before you eat. Before you reach for food, is filling the void instead of enjoying your food. Try totake a moment and really think about the food you eat regularly through the day so you look forward toare putting in your body. Why have I chosen this?Is it and enjoy your meal.processed? How was it manufactured/grown? What 3. Eat slower. It takes our brain 20 minutes to realiseare the ingredients? By being aware of what you put we are full. If you eat slow, you will feel full quicker,into your body, you make healthier food decisions. which allows you to consume less calories in yourMindful eating is healthy eating. By adopting mindful meal.eating practices, you will be more aware of the food 4. Chew more. Ideally, its best to chew anywherechoices that enhance your health and well-being and between 30-40 times before swallowing your food.better practiced at making these choices on a day by Try to focus your attention on each bite and chewday, meal by meal basis. properly. Taste the food, experience the texture, noticeMindful eating will also accelerate you towards your how the food really feels. Your digestive system willwellbeing, health and body goals, enabling you to thank you for this too! live a healthier and happier lifestyle.Faisal Alshawa is a qualified nutritionist and fitness mentor and founder of Believe Nutrition. Based in Kuwait, he works with professional athletes and busy working professionals offline and online to help them to get in shape, lose weight and create sustainable daily habits to optimise their health. He is the creator of The Five Pillars of Living - a Healthier Lifestyle method that focuses on mindfulness and mindset and approaching health mindfully.believenutrition.net29'