b'2020 HOW TO HAVE A BREAKTHROUGH THIS YEARHave you been waiting for a business breakthrough?W e see it time and time again, its a New Year and this one will be the one. The one where everything is different, where we really make it all happen, where we have our breakthrough and all our goals and dreams start to come to fruition.Or maybe not. but why not? Why so hard? Because theres a huge difference between setting a goal and achieving it. Just like theres a huge difference between wanting a breakthrough and actually having that breakthrough.Anyone can make a decision or set a goal but actually achieving it is much lower in realityand this is where is where the power of the real breakthrough happens.What is a breakthrough?Simply put, its breaking through a constraint or barrier you have in order to achieve something you want. A breakthrough can be anything from getting clarity on something youve been unsure of for a period of time to taking action that leads to something you ultimately want in your business.When this breakthrough occurs, its often accompanied by a positive, confirming feeling in your body. As an experienced Coach and NLP Master Practitioner,Ive seen the patterns and differences between those who have their breakthroughs and those who dont. Earlier this year I interviewed several business owners and saw the model of exactly how successful 7-8 figure businessowners achieved their best breakthroughs.There is a fast track way to having a breakthrough; by modelling the behaviour of successful people who have already done it! If you are ready to create your break-through (or help your clients to) then grab a pen andpaper, write the breakthrough you want to have at thetop and lets beginValuesFirstly, you need to know your values and your core beliefs. If you dont know these, how do you even know that the decision you made is the right one? Before you do anything else you need to know your values and what you truly stand for! Take time to write these down. Do your values align with the goals you want to achieve? 04'