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Why your Energy in Business is so Powerful – Sarah Negus

When it comes to your coaching business, your energy is most powerful asset. Everything is energy and your energy vibrates at your unique frequency compiled of your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, behaviour and actions. As your coaching business is an expression of you, it makes sense to focus on your energy so both elements vibrate on ‘success’ levels.

Your energetic vibration is governed by your unconscious and all your hidden beliefs, habitual thoughts and patterns of behaviour hold your vibration within them and therefore will attract similar vibrations.

If you think your success is outside of you, for example in your next launch, next client, next promotion, that financial stability is hard to maintain or if you only had one more client you and your business would be successful, then it is very likely that you will not be experiencing success in your coaching business.

I know this from experience.

About ten years ago I found myself working 24/7 in my business. I thought I was busy pushing myself towards success but, really, I was pushing myself towards chronic fatigue.

I had to find a way to operate my business without it killing me;  to change what I thought was the way to be success which meant I had to start working smart and focussing on my energetic and spiritual heart.

Following a 5-month client drought, everything started to move amazingly fast and I’ve never looked back.  My energy and spiritual essence are the driving force of my business. Without exploring it and surrendering to it, my business would have stayed capped, small and difficult. Therefore, working with your personal energy is key as a coach.

Why your energy is your best asset

Personal growth, spiritual growth and taking steps to reach the next level in life and business all begins with the inner you. This is your energy; your vibration and it reflects your core beliefs of who you are. It is affected by your life experiences and stores everything you have been through and experienced within you.

Expanding your energy means you can grow as a person and grow as a coach and allow yourself to receive more experiences in your life that fill you with joy, excitement, and happiness.

Top 5 tips to mastering your energetic strategy for business and life success

1.Embed self-worth

Come to an understanding within you – a strong belief that being alive, in your physical form, is amazing, unique and you are success incarnate.  You are the absolute prize and there is only one of you which makes you incredibly special. This is one of the most important things you can do for your growth as a coach, to know that you are worthy, you have value and you have endless wisdom to offer as a coach.

2.Live now

If you find yourself living in the past, reflect on why? What do you need to learn about yourself that will allow you to let go of the past and any power it holds over you? A good way of doing this is to embrace your shadow self. This holds everything you have not accepted about yourself, including your huge potential.

3.Look back at how far you have come

Take time to recognise that you are successful and that you have much more potential to fulfil. Measure your feeling of success. Think about the moments and parts of your life which have brought you where you are today – to this moment in your coaching career and to this springboard to your next level of experience.

4.Get courageous with your imagination

Once you have acknowledged and celebrated how you got to where you are, dream even bigger and make it happen. Big dreams require action! Look up and forward to manifest the limitless possibility.

5.Let go of the outcome

Do not measure outcome, this will limit you. Let go of any expectation of how your dreams and desires will come to you and measure your actions and the energy that you act with. Expectation boxes the energy and closes the flow of infinite possibility and of something bigger and more exciting, happening.

You are limitless, and your potential as a coach is infinite so discover and master your unseen and limitless potential.



Sarah Negus is an Executive Coach, author of Modern Day Shaman: Find A Deeper Connection With Life and the Modern Day Shaman®. She specialises in helping people in the corporate world operate more effectively. Her clients include senior directors at global companies including Microsoft, CEOs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. She uses her 20 plus years of shamanic experience combined with psychology and mindset work to serve clients internationally, enabling them to uncover hidden potential and inspire change to become more successful on every level. Her new book Modern Day Shaman: Find A Deeper Connection With Life”  was published this month by Serapis Bey Publishing and is available on Amazon – £14.97 in paperback or £7.99 on Kindle. For more information visit Sarah’s website.