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Why OK is not Enough – Tomas Svitorka

Why OK is not enough and what’s wrong with living a ‘OK’ life?

Let me ask you:

If you went on a holiday and it was just OK, would you go back again? 

If you watched a movie that was just OK, would you watch it again? 

If you went to a restaurant and it was just OK, would you eat there again?

Probably not…so why settle for living an OK life?

Living an OK life may be comfortable and convenient but it’s rarely happy, exciting and fulfilling. If you want a fulfilling life where you’re getting the best out of it and yourself then you need to embrace this philosophy. People often say to me “I’m doing OK in my personal and professional life, but I’m just not happy. I know I could be so much better. I’m just afraid that one day I’ll regret not giving it my best.”

The OK zone sits right between ‘The Winning Zone’ and ‘The Rut’

The Winning Zone

The best place to be is in the winning zone because when you’re there, life is exciting, you see results, have momentum and believe in yourself. It may not always be easy, but it’s thrilling and fulfilling and your mind sees possibility and opportunity rather than scarcity and limitation.

The Rut

Contrary to what you may think, when it comes to growth and making improvements to your life, the second best place to be can be the rut.

Why?  Because when things get really bad, you no longer ask yourself whether you feel like doing something about it or not,  you don’t make excuses and procrastinate-  you just get on with it and do something about it!


The problem is that people do just enough to shift out of the rut then slip straight back into the OK Zone and get stuck again.


The OK Zone is the most dangerous place to be in because it’s comfortable and convenient. There’s no great discomfort or urgency. The OK Zone is about surviving, but not about thriving.

Some people settle for doing just enough to be out of the rut and stay at the bottom of the OK zone in tolerable discomfort. Yes, life or the situation hurts a bit but not enough to do something about it.

Intense pain is often the driver for change in this zone but some people seek to just not be uncomfortable, settling for playing it safe their whole life. Changing the channel on the TV a million times before thinking of one thing they can do instead to improve their own life!

It’s not just a tagline, it’s a philosophy and an attitude to life.

 Believing OK is not enough doesn’t mean you are greedy or never satisfied.

 It’s about never being satisfied with less than you believe you’re truly capable of.

 It’s about prioritising fulfilment over comfort, growth over mediocrity, thriving over surviving.

It’s about refusing to live with knowing that you could do more, be more and have more of what life has to offer.

It’s about what could happen if you really tried, really dared, gave it your best, defied your fears and limitations and got out of your OK zone.

Tomas is a professional life coach, speaker, award-winning entrepreneur and NLP Practitioner and uses his core philosophy of ‘OK is NOT enough’ to coach professionals and entrepreneurs to raise standards of their performance and lifestyle. He works with industry leaders and CEOs, rising stars in global corporations, high achieving influencers and ambitious professionals who are at the beginning of their personal development journey. Tomas has been featured in GQ and Vice and is a mentor for the Threshold Accelerator, a 12-month business development course for start-up entrepreneurs run by Dent Global, world leaders in business training.