Angie Shearer

Mindset & Wellbeing Coach | Positive Education Trainer | NLP & Positive Psychology Practitioner

Angie Shearer MBE is a qualified PE Teacher based in Scotland and has been in education for 15 years. She is passionate about supporting the wellbeing of individuals and gained an ICF ACTP Accredited Coaching qualification while establishing Full Colour Coaching Ltd.

Angie supports various organisations including the Northern Alliance, Education Scotland and KnowYouMore through her coaching services. Angie is also a certified Positive Education Trainer, a Positive Psychology and NLP Practitioner and a passionate volunteer for Cancer Research UK.

Full Colour Coaching has a vision to transform wellbeing support and empower individuals to enhance their mental health and wellbeing to live their life in Full Colour. It is very easy to experience life, work or school in black and white, even more so with the current events surrounding the pandemic. However, in order to reach our full potential and make the most of our opportunities, we need to choose to experience the world in Full Colour.

The Story

Making a difference

My professional coaching services have helped many young people and adults within and out-with education to remove limiting beliefs, grow in confidence, resilience and reduce anxiety and stress. In addition to coaching, I use my training from Positive Psychology and NLP to tailor sessions specific to my clients’ needs to support them in their journey to positive mental health and wellbeing and to ultimately flourish and achieve their goals.

Full Colour Coaching is passionate about all young people having the opportunity in school to have a coach. My Student Peer Coaching Programme is a two day training course to enable senior students to become ‘coaches’, to support younger students within the school community. as they learn key coaching skills and how to apply a coaching approach in their own lives. Training is also available to staff and parents who can learn how to use a coaching approach to best support young people.

I also support schools to implement wellbeing programmes and train staff in Positive Education, which is a whole school approach to wellbeing, using the science of Positive Psychology to not only react to mental health issues, but to teach key strategies and provide the tools to young people to build positive mental health and maintain and look after their wellbeing.

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