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Unleash your Inner Unicorn – Myke Celis

At age 5, I remember how fascinated I was seeing a horse with a horn, colorful mane and tail and wings to match. This unicorn is different, like me, I thought.


Growing up, I didn’t fit the mold. I traded rough play with other kids for quiet moments of make-believe stories. My childhood heroine was Wonder Woman and “My Little Pony” unicorns and I lived inside my own happy bubble, spreading sparkles wherever I went, thinking that’s how life should be.

While some found that cute, others hated it and many people made me believe it was wrong to be different and that I should conform and follow the rules.

After being beaten up, verbally abused, bullied and betrayed so many times I lost count, I almost subscribed to what others wanted me to be but, believing that I was a truly a unicorn at heart, I did otherwise.

I took the road less travelled and embarked on my own journey towards my own #bestmeever.

My inner Unicorn is my authentic, unapologetic, grandest version of myself – something which I almost forgot while going through life at fast speed fueled by grit, anger and wanting to prove myself to be accepted and loved.

I’ve always believed that each and every one of us has our own Unicorn within, our own #bestmeever but it takes self-awareness, self-love, self-acceptance and self-worth to bring it out.

During the lowest point in my life, after a physically abusive relationship and a devastating financial  betrayal I was left feeling destroyed and faced a life changing choice: to just let go of everything and end things or to start all over again, rebuild my life and allow my unicorn within to shine.

That choice marked the beginning of my journey towards the global Master Coach that I am now. Turning my back on a lucrative career in marketing and starting all over again from scratch to become a coach was one of the bravest and best decisions I ever made.

It was during this journey I realised our inner Unicorn is only caged anyone due to the unique set of limiting beliefs we form and accept over the years. Through Life Coaching and NLP, I overcame my own limiting beliefs.

Asking powerful “what if” questions is the way to challenge your beliefs.

What if it was easy?

We reject change (and ourselves too) because of the belief that life would be more complicated if we change. But if we come from the space where we believe everything will fall into place seamlessly, we can make that life changing choice to love ourselves whole and embrace ourselves fully.

What if you were meant for greater things?

Sometimes our past experiences and present situations hinder us from moving forward in our lives so opening our minds to the beautiful possibilities allow us to see beyond the very space that limits us.

What if you could?

If you don’t try, how will you know? This sparks self-empowerment from the core. It’s all about totally believing in yourself, your greatness within and making things happen just because you can.

What if it’s you?

No one can replace you. Each one of us has a unique purpose to fulfill in this world so to see change around you, allow yourself to be that change first. You are worthy and good enough.  Know you have a special role to play in this world and somewhere out there, someone needs to hear your story to be inspired in his/her own personal journey.

Unleashing your inner Unicorn is all about letting go of what could have been and focusing on what can still be.


What if you start finding it now?


Myke Celis is a Global Master Coach from the Life Coach Training Institute (USA) and Coachology (Thailand). He is an ICF-certified coach, best-selling author, TEDx speaker and radio talk show host based in the Phillipines.

He has featured in Yahoo, America Daily Post, Thrive Global, Disrupt Magazine, Buzzfeed, Medium, ABS-CBN, GMA News, ANC and writes a column for Coaching in

Myke is the personal coach to celebrities and top executives worldwide, helping them to discover their own #bestmeever.