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The Rise of the Supercoach – Kylie Ryan

The coaching industry is on an exponential growth trajectory and among a sea of Coaches across many niches and skill-levels, Supercoaches are rising and differentiating themselves as the new standard of excellence.


Rising alongside the tech industry, video calling has become more accessible and social media has facilitated an easy reach to market to deliver coaching to a global audience easily.

A globally unregulated profession with nearly no barrier to entry and the lure of high-profit group coaching business models is already an alluring proposition. Combined with the promise of healing, personal growth and financial freedom, it becomes an oasis of possibility fuelled by social media marketing, micro-niche celebrities and the persuasively slippery online funnel. No wonder the industry is growing so fast.

The ICF estimates that there are 71,000 coach practitioners globally (2020 stats), a 33% increase on the 2015 estimate. With many people soul-searching and out of work after the pandemic it is likely the industry will boom even more into the future.

With so many new coaches, there are also many different ideas on what coaching even is.

There seems to be an ongoing debate between trained accredited coaching purists, who know well the difference between when they are playing the role of coach, mentor, consultant, teacher, facilitator, or therapist in a session and those who say, “none of that matters, it’s all just coaching, certifications are a waste of time and I just help people get results”.

There is often an “us and them” frame that plays out in our industry as coaches jostle for their place and use social media to market and promote their ideas.

I have noticed a general trend between two types of coaches based on whether they focus more on inner world change or outer world strategic change.

This could be summed as Mindset Coaches and Strategic Coaches.

Mindset Coaches tend to be trained in coaching technique and come from the frame that the client has the answers and the coaches’ job is to hold a clean mirror to their clients’ beliefs and through well-timed questions, processes and reframing, help the client to access their resourcefulness, overcome obstacles and take action towards their desired goals.

Strategic Coaches often tend to work more in the niches of Business and Fitness and, being more akin to Sports Coaches in method, they are often subject matter experts and have often achieved great results themselves in the field they are coaching in. They teach strategic advice, consult on tactical behavioural changes and provide accountability support to ensure the strategy is implemented.

In my own circles, I’ve observed that Strategic Coaches tend to be better marketers and can more easily make big promises of “hard product” results like more money, six pack abs or a new lucrative career.

Mindset Coaches tend to be less likely to be subject matter experts and are, instead, experts in behaviour change and therapeutic coaching technique and often resist niching and making “soft product” outcome claims because they can work with anyone on any topic and are well versed in what it takes for holistic, transformational “second order” change that is driven by a shift identity and values, rather than tactics.

You could also summarize these two approaches as outside-in (Strategic change) or inside-out (Mindset change)

I don’t prescribe to a ‘better-worse’ frame and would rather create a bridge between these two differing geniuses and methods as they are both highly valuable.

I have been using the term SuperCoach to signify a coach (or coaching company) that can work across both Mindset and Inner world work, and Strategic advice and teaching to produce results.

In a sea of coaches, SuperCoaches stand out because they know how to create outstanding results for their clients, they market with the conviction of one on a mission and are highly magnetic in their own personal life success.

The original SuperCoaches are the big name coaches who attract seminar attendees by the thousands, have politicians, entrepreneurs, and A-list actors in their client list; the likes of Tony Robbins, Brendan Burchard and Dr John Demartini.

As we move forward into the next generation of coaching I would like to redefine SuperCoaches.

SuperCoaches deeply understand their niche client and the hero’s journey their client goes on to not only take action to produce results, but to become the person that is capable of sustaining and growing those results over time.

SuperCoaches are experts in behavioural change from multiple perspectives.

SuperCoaches can work with a client to create holistic change across all levels of being; spiritually, energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically.

SuperCoaches are trained in coaching technique and value ongoing skills- training and striving for mastery in their skills and technique.

SuperCoaches deeply value ethical practice and integrity in business.

SuperCoaches are relentlessly committed to their own growth, seeking out and shifting their own cognitive biases and striving towards enlightened, embodied wisdom.

SuperCoaches care about their clients’ holistic wellbeing and their long term success across all areas of their life.

SuperCoaches understand the wider social context, and transpersonal issues that intersect with their clients agency.

SuperCoaches strive to overcome issues of inequity within their business and in the counsel of their clients.

Supercoaches have subject matter expertise in their niche that they can offer to their clients to short-cut trial and error and teach best practice strategies for success.

Supercoaches understand that there are no un-coachable clients, only a lack of rapport, clarity or skills.

Supercoaches feel deeply connected to their local and global community and strive to play their part in raising consciousness and making the world a better place.

I believe that in the current state of the world people need this kind of integrated holistic coaching more than ever, and communities need more leaders like this.

I have long believed that coaches are on the leading edge of the shift in consciousness across the planet and Supercoaches strive to live, coach and lead from the most enlightened consciousness possible.


Kylie Ryan is a Performance Coach, NLP Coach Trainer and founder of My Mind Coach and Super Coach Society. She supports the next wave of coaches, change-makers, entrepreneurs and artists to reveal their true voice, and embody their Soul Mission. She works with them to ensure they have the mental clarity, professional precision and internal foundations to lead their movements and fulfil their missions.