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The Power of Numerology for Business Success – Jo Soley

Numerology is a well-established discipline, similar to astrology but instead of looking to the stars it looks to numbers. Numerology has been used by celebrities and CEO’s across the world as a way of harnessing the subtle energies that are all around us.


Understanding our numeric energies helps us move forward, delivering powerful insight that can really help us to show up more effectively in our business.  Discovering and working with your numeric energies can help people to improve their creativity and productivity, develop better client relationships and increase profitability.

Let me tell you about a defining moment.  I have always been interested in numerology but a few years ago I attended an event that changed my life.  It was a wet March evening, Richard Abbot of ‘The Hermitage Development Centre’ was the guest speaker.  He had me at Hello!  I knew I was a Life Path number 1 but did not appreciate the impact that this has had on my life.

Over the years I have done a lot of ‘work’ on me and studied different modalities, some resonating more than others. However, learning who I am through the lens of numerology – finally things made sense.

So how does it play out?  I am working with the energy of the number 1 Life Path.  I have a lot of 1 energy in my numeric chart, my Life Path number is a 1, the first initial of my first name, J is a 1.  My first name vibrates at a 1, etc, etc.  That is a lot of 1!

1 is about directness, leadership, innovation, individuality, independence and entrepreneurship.  There are spectrums to the energy of the numbers, at one end of the spectrum 1’s can be selfish and make their life all about them, at the other end of the spectrum, 1’s can sometimes be selfless and ‘people pleasers’.  I know I have certainly been like that in the past!

Why do I connect with it so much and how has it helped me?

The balance for a Life Path number 1 is to put their head down, mind their own business, get on with it, not worry about what others are doing and from that place serve. This is the M.O. that I have now adopted … and it is working!

Life Path number 1 does not like to be told what to do, they need to be self-employed, independent, and can be innovative in business.  To be honest, I was not being very Life Path 1 in my business (I was being very 2 – the power behind the throne and helping others run their business) and that was not working for me.

I now appreciate that my Life Path number is just that, very much part of my life, my life story and my destiny.  This information has been so incredibly useful to me, that I now spend all my time helping others not to be square pegs in round holes.

The foundation of numerology is the concept of uniqueness, it is a discipline that recognises every person and every situation as unique.  This is its real power and value.  One size does not fit all and there is no magic formula in business, Bizology shows you how to align to your life purpose.

Numerology grants access to higher-level business solutions. Understanding and connecting to my numeric energies has been pivotal to my and my client’s business success.  It has helped me to approach all that I do from a position of strength and it has given me a fresh perspective on doing business in the 21st century.


You + Numerology = Business Success


Jo Soley is founder of Bizology, a Business Coach with over 25 years’ experience in Business Development, Sales and Marketing. She uses the powers of numerology to help entrepreneurs and business owners elevate their business success.