Philippa Stanley

Life, Executive and Equine Guided Coach

Philippa is an ICF certified life and executive coach sharing the power of energetic connection with heart centred individuals and professionals, remotely and from her farm in South Wales. Specialising in horse assisted learning and with an extensive background in environmental management, Philippa’s services integrate a unique blend of business acumen and sustainable living expertise for those interested in finding a deeper connection to themselves and the natural environment. She also trains coaches and mentors in horse assisted learning to enhance their service offering.

The Story

Making a difference

Sharing the power of energetic connection and horse assisted learning helping create the life YOU choose.

You have everything you need to be the person you want to be. It’s important to quit waiting for the right time to act, so you can invest in yourself and become a unicorn in a field of ponies.

I work with people who are temporarily feeling lost, feeling a disconnect with family, a partner or the workplace and want to regain a lust for life.

Living rurally with family on a smallholding in west Wales, I personally benefit from the energetic connection my horses, the natural surroundings and being around my grandchildren brings daily. And with personal experience of my horse becoming my confidant during a relationship breakdown, I’m delighted that horse assisted coaching now features as part of my service offering, both on the farm and virtually.

Your energetic profile is a summary of how you show up in life. It identifies the core energy levels you are experiencing, during everyday activity and when you are feeling under pressure. It can help you identify how engaged you are with your roles at home and at work. It can highlight patterns to make you aware of actions that you take or perhaps avoid in certain situations.

Energy leadership can help guide you through life as well as lead teams and organisations towards living more sustainably. It’s powerful stuff.

If you no longer recognise yourself and are in need of a nudge towards life as you once knew it, drop me a line to say hi.

Remember; Life is precious, life is for living rather than tolerating and only YOU can decide how life unravels from this point forward.

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