Combining Passion & Profit – Dan Warburton

Combining Passion & Profit – Dan Warburton

It’s only when you have a passion, a daily practice and a meaningful and profitable purpose that you will have a reliable vehicle to create all you’ve ever dreamed of.


How can I make such a bold statement?

This understanding has arisen from coaching over one thousand ambitious individuals and witnessing which insights they gained that enabled them to start to truly succeed and achieve their dreams and ambitions. Your future destination is a direct reflection of what you practice or focus on today, regardless of what level of success you are at now so it’s important to be equally focused on practices that bring joy and also create profit.

Some I coached had money but no joy in their lives. They felt enslaved to their work or trapped in an unfulfilling daily routine and the tangible, financial results didn’t satisfy them without purpose. Others were fully joy focused but making little or no profit from what they enjoyed doing which was equally dissatisfying. The two need to combine.

For the majority of my life, I had focused on doing what I loved and making a positive impact on the world. I neglected to focus on earning money or making what I did profitable. I had several businesses that served others well, were often enjoyable pursuits for me, but a lot of that time I was broke with barely enough to pay my rent and put food on my table.

About 7 years ago I reached a breaking point and I was very unhappy about not being able to live how I wanted.  I knew my dream was to live in the South of Spain in a beautiful home with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and to have plenty of money coming in so I could enjoy travel and the finer things in life. I also wanted to make my father proud as he’d supported me so much during my endeavours.

I stopped everything and made the decision to invest in my own self-development to discover where I was going wrong. I completed many courses in self-development and self-discovery, coaching and transformation, business studies and marketing courses and I even explored practicing Yoga.

I read a lot to find the answers and it was books like The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steve Covey and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill that gave me great insights.

What do I want and how will I get there?

5 years ago, I defined exactly what I wanted. Not just what I wanted – to live in a beautiful home in the South of Spain- but how I wanted to get there.

Once I became clear on how I wanted to live, the work I enjoyed the most, the hours I wanted to work, the amount of money I wanted to earn while ensuring that what I did felt deeply satisfying and that it continued to impact others in a fulfilling way, things began to fall into place.

I set high standards for myself and didn’t let anything or anyone stop me living by them. I set up a business with a new approach. This became successful and, for the first time in my life, I was providing a service that made a difference and I had good money coming in. All I needed was a phone to run my business so I was free to travel and enjoy what I loved doing. I finally started to live the life I had always wanted.

Others noticed the change and success and they started asking me to help them find their own focus with something they enjoyed doing which could also be a profitable business and, as a result of this, I started coaching full time.

I now coach people who are financially stable but lack in passion and purpose. Nothing brings me more joy than when I see them break free of their past and be able to access a totally new and inspirational future.

My passion and my purpose is to enable entrepreneurs and ambitious individuals to gain a clear vision of a future that truly inspires them and then to practice a way of realising that future that brings them joy.

I am now living my dream. I wrote this from the top floor of my beautiful home in the South of Spain which I get to share this with my wife and our beautiful baby daughter Arianna.

What enabled me to achieve all this was the realisation that I had been doing too much to serve others without ensuring that I was equally benefiting financially from my work.

I had a deep empathy for others and a passion to empower others but the key to success was combining the valuable and positive impact with the courage and actions to ask for -and receive- what my service was truly worth.

To discover your own profitable purpose, you need to take responsibility around your lack of clarity;  this is created by you and no one else.

Secondly, look at the areas of your life you are avoiding taking responsibility,  where you aren’t taking the action needed, where you are stuck in playing it safe, where you are settling for second best, tolerating and avoiding doing what’s important to you?

Are you simply surviving and, as a result, losing all your inspiration and creativity?

If so, you need to stop playing small, dare to get clear on what you dream of creating and how you want to get there then start to take the actions that will cause you to bring your desires into reality.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly,  it’s only when you commit to discovering your life purpose that you’ll finally become clear on what brings you true personal and professional satisfaction.

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