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Overcoming Self-Judgement in Business – Laura Beddoe

Is the fear of judgment affecting your business growth?

‘Oh, she’s so full of herself…’

This has been a first thought when people meet me; friends and colleagues have told me this time and time again.

This used to really upset me.

Why? Because I wanted to be liked, everyone wants to be liked.

It’s part of human nature to fit into the pack, it’s a survival instinct.

Sabotaging Success

Going back to tribal times, to be disowned or rejected from the pack was to die, so its no wonder that we try our best not to stand out or be different.

This is why for many years I dulled myself down and watered down my message to go under the radar. Unconsciously, I sabotaged my success and I see this happening with people that are truly talented but stepping out to be fully seen is just ‘too much.’

Fear of Judgement

When people say ‘don’t worry about what other people think’ it’s easier said than done.

It’s about getting to the root cause of what’s making you freeze. The part of you that’s paused in time, preventing you from feeling safe to be seen or speaking your truth.

The number one thing that stops anyone from taking action on creating a business from their passion or ‘dharma’ is the fear of judgment.

This leads to procrastination or not taking any action at all.

But why is it that women particularly undervalue themselves?

What I’ve found over my years as a psychotherapist specialising in healing the inner child, is that from a young age, many girls are taught to serve and to be ‘good’ and to put everyone else’s needs before their own to feel loveable.

Many of the female business leaders & visionaries I meet have amazing talents and gifts,but are blocked with fear or unconscious beliefs that keep them the internet’s best-kept secret.

The most common things they worry about are;

What will people think?

What if I get it wrong?

What if I fail?

My questions to those questions are always;

What if you succeed? What if it turns out better than you could’ve possibly imagined?

What if you learn how to take up the space you deserve, to see your value, learn how to love yourself and your incredible gifts so much that it spills over and creates a tidal wave of people feeling empowered, all because you decided to get out of your own way?

Full of myself, yes. I am full of confidence and I own that today.

I own that I am an affluent spiritual empowerment coach & if that sounds like I’m arrogant then I would offer that’s more about the person it triggers than me deciding to take up space to allow someone else to do the same.

When you truly sees how valuable you are, when you find your authority, you shine differently, you will walk differently and become magnetic.

Opportunities, people & money flow easily.

So the next time you feel judged, know that the person’s judgment is less about you and more about them.

Also, if you feel yourself judging another, ask yourself what’s being activated within you?

Why are you judging someone?

Is it a pang of envy, jealousy or comparison?

It is almost never the present moment that is triggering you, but something that has gone unresolved from the past that needs to be healed.

I believe hustle culture stems from this.

People feeling like they need to prove something and lack of a sense of status means that people are judging themselves.

If you are an entrepreneur, you are generally wearing many hats and what I often find with my clients when they feel burned out is they have unresolved trauma and are working to prove a point, escape their head and numb their feelings. Exhausting!

I create spaces for female leaders to stop judging themselves, learn how to accept themselves fully.

It’s time to start to take yourself seriously, stop judging yourself and learn to trust your authority as a wholly healed human.

This to me is a true freedom lifestyle.

Laura Beddoe is a Spiritual Empowerment & Embodiment Lifestyle & Business Mentor and award Winning hypnotherapist. She teaches women how to unlock their full potential by coming home to their sovereignty in their body, in their mindset & a deep connection to their soul.