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Discovering your authentic confidence – Alan Kleynhans

It’s not what you are that holds you back – it’s what you think you’re not.


Do you find yourself hesitating when you identify something you would love to do, have, or achieve?

Does part of you tell you to ‘go for it’ yet, at the same time, another part is resistant?

Do you want to succeed and feel you deserve to, yet feel afraid to take the first step?

This is a common feeling for many, especially in the western world where we are sold the ideas of commercialism, consumerism, and fed the dreams of the millionaire lifestyle with all the benefits it promises.

This feeling of hesitancy stems from a deeper lack of authentic confidence.

For more than twenty years I’ve been working in spiritual psychology, helping people heal their own deeply wounded psyches so that they can begin to live their life powerfully and authentically and be free of all forms of addiction that keep them trapped in pain. Through my work, I help people to discover their authentic confidence that can lead them ‘home’ and back to their hearts.

Feeling Fear

Many feel afraid without even understanding why. This fear is trapped trauma, carried in our nervous systems and, until we release and heal it, we can never move forward with freedom and authentic expression of our true self.

This is a powerful journey I’ve been on myself and when I first discovered spiritual psychology, it was like finding nirvana.

I was suffering post-traumatic stress at the time. Having been to war in Angola, I was suffering with a mind full of demons as well as the effects of two decades of substance abuse.

But spiritual psychology allowed instant peace into my heart and soul. Everything suddenly made sense. I knew I had found something that would change everything for me. I studied everything I could find on the subject and the more I read, the more peaceful I became.

Spiritual psychology is understanding the true nature of life and yourself at the deepest level. It’s about understanding why you’re here on earth, living your life and why your soul manifested into your body at this particular time.


Chasing Success

I see many people who are addicted to success and yet are constantly unhappy, in spite of all they achieve and have.

This new generation of achievers are ‘hustling’ to make their way to the top, driven by the unconscious belief that this destination will solve their internal angst.

On arriving at said success point, they find it isn’t quite what they thought and doesn’t offer the peace and happiness they desired. Disillusioned, they set new targets and chase new destinations are chased in the hope of the ‘next’ level being the one to unlock true happiness.

All the while running from the internal angst of their inner critic, with a constant feeling that something is ‘missing’ and a firm belief that ‘success’ will finally bring internal peace.

Deep Internal Reflection

The truth is that the peace craved comes from the ability to master the internal relationship with the self. Self-mastery requires deep internal reflection and analysis, internal healing and release from our own versions of trapped trauma and suffering.

Since our earliest years we are conditioned into self-destructive behaviour patterns which undermine our authentic self-expression.

People parent unconsciously and children are often set to repeat the patterns and mistakes of their parents because they are too young to question or challenge the potentially limiting beliefs fed to them in their formative years.

The naturally creative, conscious mind becomes critical and the unconscious mind cannot then support us in the creation of our biggest dreams and highest intentions.


The unconscious mind is what helps us to manifest our conscious focus into tangible results but it cannot do so without clear and concise instruction from the conscious mind.


Most people lack the ability to really focus their conscious mind on what they want and to visualise their success.  They are also unaware of carrying trapped trauma and can’t move forward in an authentic expression of true self until this is released.

Consciousness Becomes Matter

Belief creates experience. Your current unconscious focus creates your current reality so if you’re struggling to move your life and/or business to the next level, it’s because you’re working against yourself without even knowing it.

Your achievements will never outreach or out-perform the image you hold of yourself in your unconscious mind – your ‘self-concept’.


This concept of self is anchored deeply in your nervous system and it’s who you think you are that sabotages your ability to create and enjoy authentic, real success.

To be truly happy, you must look within to make the unconscious wounds that drive your behaviours conscious.

This healing requires deep introspection and it’s not for the faint-hearted but if you’re willing to go within and look at what’s shaped who you’ve become, you’ll discover a scared little child running around in an adult body, trying to find peace.

When you can really do this deep inner work to come home to yourself, you can begin to create powerful and miraculous shifts in your life and reveal your true talents and abilities. In your authentic self, you can finally find the peace and joy you’ve been searching for.