Sarah Rose Bright

Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy Coach

Sex, Pleasure and Intimacy Coaching Programmes for Women, Men and Couples

Do you feel disconnected from your sexuality and wonder if these is something ‘wrong’ with you?
Do you find sex is not enjoyable and you wonder if you are ‘doing it right’?
Are you good at pleasing others and putting everyone else needs and desires first?

Sarah Rose Bright created Ignite Your Sexuality to help women take the worry and stress out of sex.

The Story

Making a difference

Over a decade, Sarah has developed a unique system of coaching and practical sex education that supports you to transform how you feel about sex so that you can feel confident in who you are and what you want, feel good in your body, relax and enjoy pleasure, create healthy relationships and fully live your life. This 1-1 programme is tailored uniquely to you as that ensures the best outcomes and lasting change. All sessions are online.

Are you ready to take a leap and gift yourself the time and space to explore your sexuality and pleasure? Please do visit her website to find out more.

Sarah also offers Ignite Your Sexuality as a prerecorded ten module course with the option of monthly Q&A sessions with Sarah. Visit the shop on her website.

Sarah also works with men and couples who resonate with her approach.

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