Marie-Claude Quieffin-Witcombe

Midlife Transitions Coach

Bonjour! I am a qualified life coach, who inspires ‘mid-lifers’ to manage transitions successfully – retirement, redundancy, relocation, relationship break-ups – and help them find a sense of purpose and fulfilment in their new chapter. It all starts from how we treat ourselves, how we see ourselves, and how we love ourselves.

By using a gentle organic process of reconnecting with the inner child in us, I help men and women optimise their personal growth and self-esteem. I love working with people over 55 in particular; they have not always allowed themselves to practise self-care in the first half of their lives, but they are able through this process to reconnect with their true self, develop a healthier relationship with themselves and find a purpose.

The heightened self-belief and self-confidence that derive, empower them to embrace change and make the most of the next chapter of their lives.

The Story

Making a difference

In my coaching I am doing what gives sense to my life: supporting people to the very best of my ability through the life transitions that I experienced myself.

Recently, I retired from the university after 2 years of painful questioning, and I feel a real empathy for people dreading that period of transition.

Midlife in general or 'Middlescence' is defined as an era in our life between 55 and 70 when we are going through transitions which bring bewilderment and anxiety and a greater desire to have meaning in our lives. This phenomenon is largely due to the fact that as a population, we’re living longer than we ever have before. This increase in age expectancy has widened the mid life gap and left many people wondering how to fill that time with something meaningful.

Given how many transitions we are navigating in that period - empty-nest syndrome, change of status, relationship break-ups, hormonal changes and at a deeper level, the anxieties in the face of age - we need support.

By helping my clients to build up confidence, by encouraging them to create a vision and manage their energy to achieve that vision, I inspire them to transform their lives positively and perceive this second chapter as a happier version than the first.

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