Louise Fernando

Empowerment Coach & NLP Practitioner

Louise is an Empowerment Coach & NLP Practitioner who is on a mission to empower all women to step authentically into who they truly are. Having worked in Social Work, counselling, mindfulness, and Reiki, Louise knows only too well the power of harnessing the inner self. Having specialized in deeply entrenched behaviour change, she knows that mindset is a key factor to transformational change.

Using intuition, energy sources, and change strategies, Louise will take you on a self-love, self-development journey where you are the expert of your own life and can make sustainable changes from deep within.

The Story

Making a difference

Having suffered childhood adversity and feeling disconnected from who I was, led me on a self-development and self-love journey. Having hidden the intuitive side of me, frightened of what others might think, I encountered several life adversities at the heart of not truly connecting to who I was.

I then developed the courage to lean into my feelings and stop hiding, stepping out to be who I truly am. Harnessing my inner self, being in tune with my energy, and aligned with my values, I experienced my life transform at a rapid rate. Activating my inner goddess and being unauthentically me.

I have helped hundreds of women transform their lives through the practice of self-acceptance, forgiveness, and being authentically and unapologetically themselves. Tipping the looking glass on its head and seeing life from a very different perspective. Stamping out people-pleasing and authentically saying no, to people, situations, and relationships that they do not feel connected to. I believe that everything starts in the mind and that through working on the subconscious and unconscious blocks, we can remove the glass ceiling that women set themselves.

I work with energy, tapping into the higher self, and aligning women to their real core values. Women have an inner power, that they can harness anytime, I assist them to find it, yield it, and empower themselves with it. I am a spiritual soul with a love of the law of attraction and quantum, which I sprinkle through my work to dig deep and bring the very best of what you desire to the surface.

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