Lee Mariano

Transformational Life & Success Coach for Women

I'm a Transformational Life & Success Coach, Author, and International Speaker. I work with strong, focused, and ambitious women who want to change and transform their future and become the person they're meant to be. I work with women who feel overlooked, under-appreciated, or ignored. They’re now on a journey to reclaim your power, rediscover your strength, increase your confidence, and remove the barriers and beliefs holding you back.

If you feel unsure about your future goals, uncertain where to start making changes in your life, or you feel burdened by the world around you and the responsibilities on your shoulders to care for everyone else and ignore your own needs, wants, and desires, then it's time for us to talk. It's time for you to begin living life for yourself. I offer a live coaching program to help women make changes in their daily life, but you may struggle to make it happen on your own. Yes, most people can make some changes on their own, but without help, they'll only get so far.

With someone standing by your side, helping you hold yourself accountable, you can reach those goals you want so badly. Working with me in a live coaching cohort, you can move towards those goals quicker and with more confidence. During the program, we'll cover some powerful life strategies. As we work together and focus on what's important, you'll soon realize your life is beginning to look better. Your outlook is different, you're more confident, more self-assured, and you're able to get more positive results.

The Story

Making a difference

Lee Mariano is an author, speaker, business guru, and CEO and founder of Alexidom Coaching; a multifaceted coaching specialty centered around helping clients to increase their self-confidence, reclaim their personal power, and rediscover their identity, so that they can successfully achieve their goals; and attain the life they desire most.

Lee encourages women to stop hiding behind the labels others have placed on them, and to remain resolved to their purpose and the possibility of creating their own future.

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