Katie Farrell

Transformation Coach

Hi, I’m Katie - a Transformation Coach with a passion for empowering people to carve out their place in the world and create a life they love and thrive in!

Success means different things to different people but I define it as living a life of freedom: freedom from restrictions (such as limiting beliefs, negative emotions or always being last on your list); freedom to express yourself authentically; freedom to achieve what you truly desire! When we can operate in alignment with who we really are, our soul’s purpose and what’s important to us, that’s when we can really soar and fulfil our potential!

The Story

Making a difference

I’ve always been fascinated by people; how we ‘tick’, what lights us up and how our experiences shape us. In 2010, following a 20 year career in HR, Training and Client/Change Management, including 6 years at senior management level for the NHS, it was a combination of life-changing experiences which led to me retraining and qualifying as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist, Personal Development Coach and Energy Master - and taking a leap of faith into the world of self-employment.

With a truly holistic approach, I can help you to create powerful change from the inside to produce the results you want on the outside.

My services include: private One to One Coaching programmes; Team Coaching including DISC Personality & Behavioural profiling, communication and performance management; energy healing; and workshops in various areas including mindfulness, stress management and mental health awareness for managers.

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