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How to Get Visible in your Business – Anna Parker-Naples

As coaches, we know the power of our work to transform the world, one life at a time.


When I entered the coaching business in 2017, I had no idea how to reach the people who needed to be awakened, inspired and switched on to understanding the vast potential they had to lead a happier, more fulfilling, more rewarding life.

I felt compelled to get my message out there: ‘Anything’s possible when you get visible’, yet I lacked the know-how to strategically work the unique demands of the online space.

Visibility for coaches is fundamental. If you’re not seen or heard, you can’t enable clients to have those moments of change. Once you have experienced the benefits of coaching yourself, it opens your eyes and this is why many of us now do what we do; we want that expansion for others.

For me personally, NLP had such a dramatic impact on my health, mentally and physically and it allowed me to recover from a condition that doctors believed I would keep me wheelchair-bound for life.

It also gave me the confidence to pursue world-class levels of recognition for my voice and audio work and, once I opened up those doors of possibility, I knew I wanted to guide others to unravel the limiting beliefs that were keeping them stuck and playing small.

As I stood on the red carpet in Hollywood as a finalist for my seventh award in audio work, I decided to leave that world behind me.

Or so I thought!

What became apparent is that I was not the only coach, entrepreneur, or change-maker struggling to reach the people I wanted to help. I quickly realised there was a medium that offered a such powerful opportunity to touch many lives and it dawned on me that the way I could reach the masses and achieve worldwide ‘visibility’ was through audio, in the form of podcasting.

Not only did this help with other areas of visibility (the constant demands to create content, blogs, video and to connect with others of more influence than me), but it allowed me to tell my stories in a way that was honest and open, without the constraints of other platforms. With my audio background, I held the key to helping others be seen, heard, and remembered by those who needed unlocking.

As I wrote my first book, sharing how to go from nowhere and unknown to the heady heights at the top of your field, it dawned on me that this actually was a real journey to ‘getting visible’.

Firstly, to open yourself up to acknowledge the level of impact and success you wish to have and stop telling yourself that the big ambitions you have are not attainable.

Secondly, to give other change-makers the mechanics to be seen by those who need them.

There are certain components of that roadmap which any coach or entrepreneur wishing  to establish themselves as a strong personal brand must embrace:

Live Video. Like it or not, people want to see you for all your quirks and mannerisms. Additionally, the algorithms of social media platforms give preference to this type of content.

Creating long-term SEO through blogging, YouTube videos, a decent website, and podcast show notes.

Become an Author in your chosen area of expertise. A book speaks volumes about who you are and what you do and self-publishing options mean you don’t have to delay your entry into the world of authorship.

Get in the Press. PR raises your status and credibility. (Twitter can be a valuable tool for connecting with journalists looking for experts to provide comment.)

Apply for Awards. Even as a nominee or finalist, they increase your kudos and broaden your networking horizons.

Podcasting. Either as a guest or a host of your own show, you can build that often elusive know, like, trust factor with your listeners. Two-thirds of people take action with the intent to purchase as a result of listening to a podcast. This is higher than any other medium so if you want to impact and to change one life at a time, this is the way.

Chiefly though, the key to visibility is in the consistency of showing up and the consistency of your message. Get these two right, and you will give your coaching business a really solid foundation for success.

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