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Firewalking Looking beyond your limitations – Lottie Moore

When people first discover I’m a Firewalk Instructor and Trainer they’re often surprised as they may have expected a Tony Robbins type character to be more fitting of the description but the reality is, I‘ve been Firewalking for almost 10 years.


I was, in fact,  trained by the same trainer Tony Robbins had back in the 80s in California and now I also train coaches in many shapes, sizes, and niches to lead their own clients through this amazing breakthrough activity too.

The History of Firewalking

Firewalking is literally what it says on the tin. A large fire is lit and left to burn down for an hour or two. The glowing coals are then raked out and walked on by participants in an awe-inspiring fashion.  There is evidence of Firewalking within all the indigenous populations around the world from New Zealand and Australia, through the East including India, China, and Nepal, The Church of Europe and the Celtic Druids all the way to many Native American tribes.  With this many traditions from all around the Globe involving walking on hot coals, you start to think there has to be something to it…

Why Firewalk?

When working with a client verbally, to enable them to reach a breakthrough, even the best of coaches rely on the client’s ability to do a lot of things during the session.

As coaches know, clients need to be willing to be truthful, honest and open to exploring areas where they hold themselves back, able to access the unconscious mind and to understand how to leverage that to create what they need to move forward.

Offering clients an opportunity to take part in a somatic experience; something that they experience in their body, either as a standalone or in conjunction with verbal coaching, can cut out a lot of that initial reliance on the client’s ability to show-up and be consistently coachable.

A form of content free coaching, breakthrough activities like Firewalking enable the client to quite literally step through what’s holding them back, without the need to verbalise it, and then use that to empower themselves at future times on their journey.

Creating anchors

As Firewalking is such a breathtakingly powerful physical experience, it’s easy for the client to create a strong anchor to carry forward, with little guidance from the coach, to access and enable them to step through any future fears.

When people participate in the Firewalk Instructor Certification programme, they also become certified to carry out other activities with their clients, including glass walking, arrow breaking with the throat and wooden board breaking.

Each one of these activities can be carried out in both 1-to-1 and group settings to enable clients to experience breakthroughs they can use as anchors.

Time and again clients can create the lives they want for themselves, not just during the coaching period but for years to come afterwards. It can be quite magical to see what they go on to achieve.

Connecting with nature

The world has changed now regarding large group firewalking events but I’ve always run my own Firewalks in the woods with a small group of people and prefer this intimate style.

Working with the elements of the wood and fire alongside enjoying the rural setting can be very freeing for all the participants and enable them to step outside of real life for a few hours and think about what they want to create for themselves long term.

This style of Firewalks are not limited to just one walk across the coals and I often hold Firedances and even the infamous ‘108’ where people get the opportunity to walk 108 coal beds in one night!

Who can run Firewalks?

Many coaches, changemakers and spiritual practitioners make great candidates for training as Firewalk Instructors whatever stage they are at.  When I first trained as an Instructor I had never Firewalked.

However, this is not the type of thing to do with anyone without completing the full training programme. There is a huge amount to learn to enable anyone to carry out a firewalk, (or glass walk, arrow or wooden board break) confidently, safely, and legally.

Obviously not for the faint hearted but Firewalking is a great way to stand out as someone who walks their talk and is able to stretch their own comfort zone in exciting ways.

The Fire is the teacher

One of the most exciting things for me being an Instructor Trainer and part of an International Fire Tribe is the amazing things that are brought to the space learning from the fire and, of course, the level of personal learning and development working with the fire brings.

The fire keeps me grounded, while reminding me that most of my limits are just within my mind.

People that Firewalk will never forget the experience of walking the hot coals or the lessons the fire teaches them.


Lottie Moore is a Master Firewalk Instructor, Reconnection Coach and adventurer who believes in walking the path less travelled. This has taken her from living in Burkina Faso to summiting some of the highest peaks in the world.  She enables others to step out of their comfort zones and reconnect with their personal journey, intuition and ability to succeed and empowers them to take the leap into their extraordinary where they can enjoy personal freedom, adventure and inner peace.