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A simple formula with the ability to change your life and business forever


Faith +action = miracles is the affirmation I’ve said to myself for the last eight years and it’s changed my life.


I started saying this soon after my son was born. It was inspired by the teachings of Napoleon Hill’s book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ where he told his story of coaching his deaf and mute son to hear and talk. Despite evidence and expert advice, he and his wife decided their son would one day not only hear, but speak too. They told their son this repeatedly, until one day with the help of external forces, he could not only hear but also learned to speak too. This story really made an impact on me.


Why mantras matter


I had already learned through my training as a solution focused hypnotherapist and psychotherapist that repetition of words and statements change the neural pathways in the brain.


In a deeply relaxed state like hypnosis, we can create new pathways and ways of thinking more quickly. As most of us are not in a constant state of hypnosis, another great way to create new habitual ways of thinking is through repetition.


By the time my son was born, I had created this mantra based on this knowledge to inspire and motivate him long after my passing and whilst ‘Faith plus Action equals Miracles’ is now a life and business mantra, it began as a gift for my son and has also inspired me to achieve.


I credit my successful coaching business to the compound effect of the consistent drip, drip effect of this mantra plus taking consistent action in alignment with it every single day and what I know to be true is it’s how we talk to ourselves that matters.


What we think about our capacity to succeed, hit our goals and targets, our self-belief impacts the actions we are prepared to take


Any lack of self-belief will stop you having faith, stop you asking for the business, stop you charging the real value of your products and services and, ultimately, stop you being successful.

If you get stuck with thoughts that feed the idea of lack, doubt and fear then it becomes increasingly difficult to show up as inspiring and motivating in a way that’s genuine and authentic.


If you consistently tell yourself to expect ‘miracles’ you will feel good about that and when you feel good, you take positive action; and positive action leads to positive results!


Create your own positive manta or affirmation


When it comes to creating affirmations, I love any sentence or goal that has a clear and positive intention to receive or action to take that will result in a positive outcome.


  1. Starting with the words ‘I am’ or ‘I can’ is powerful.


I am happy.

I am a client magnet.

I am feeling wealthier and wealthier every day.


  1. For the rest of your mantra, pick a sentence that you feel aligned and excited by. (But if you are feeling broke, using a mantra like ‘I am rich’ creates too much dissonance for it to have a positive effect so remember to stay aligned.)


I am taking actions every day that help me to feel richer and richer.

This affirmation creates the opportunity for you to grow into the mantra.


  1. Keep your affirmation in the positive and current


I am in a loving relationship

I am great at serving my clients


  1. Recite your affirmations with positive feelings and emotions. 


There is plenty of  online marketing in the coaching industry, and although people can’t always see your face and although they may not be able to quite put their finger on it, they can tell if your energy is out of alignment with the words you using. Which means that ‘oh-so-perfect client’ that you know you could help, walks right on by you without even knowing why.


I have often heard mantras and affirmations described as ‘woo woo’ which is another reason why I love my affirmation as it combines the intangible with the practical and this is how I approach my life and business.


I deeply dislike the words ‘realistic’ and ‘sensible’ when it comes to making a big impact in the world – these types of words don’t challenge the status quo! Dreaming beyond what feels realistic creates opportunities you never imagined and when those opportunities present themselves, it’s time to take action.




Without the action part, this formula falls apart.


Sitting meditating on your goals for hours on end just won’t cut it. You need to be ready to go out there and grab it the day with both hands. Show up, be visible, be of service, ask for the business. Be brave and believe. Every single day.


As it’s only when you combine the two do miracles start to occur.

Suzy Ashworth is a business growth strategist, a renowned Hay House author and Mum of 3. She holds diplomas in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and is a Certified Quantum Healer. She helps female entrepreneurs increase their intention, impact and income with grace and ease.