Dr Anne Whitehouse, Author | Speaker | Power Alchemist & Renaissance Woman

Many ambitious women feel this inner conflict.  They want to step up, but on some deeper level they hold back from doing what it takes to get noticed in their career or grow their business because it just doesn’t feel safe to be seen.  This causes stressfrustration – and money.

It’s especially true if you’re sensitive, an introvert, or highly empathic.  Even more so if you work in a toxic or male-dominated workplace or need to be seen out online for your business.

And you aren’t getting the acknowledgement and rewards you deserve, while less able people overtake you; just because they’re louder or more confident than you!

Read more about Dr Anne Whitehouse and this transformation and powerful offering that can change ALL this for you –fast.

“Thirty years ago, I was a high-flying academic, working in the ‘boys’ club’ world of university engineering.  

This environment undermined me on so many levels, and I ended up having to leave that career – not because I couldn’t do the job, but because being in that place turned my life into a never-ending ordeal of anxiety.  

It literally drained my power as a sensitive, introvert woman.

This took me on a journey deep into our subconscious world where I discovered the exact processes that undermine women when we want to shine – AND developed a unique process that counteracts this, and puts us in control

In 2019 I published my bestselling book “Pull Back Your Power”, and this led to my ground-breaking The Re-Power® techniques.

The results my clients achieved were far beyond my expectations.  And so, 40 Days to Double Your Confidence was born!

If you’re ready to experience the feeling of holding your power, as never before, free yourself from playing it small, it is my privilege to share my knowledge with you.”


Her unique gift is teaching women to hold their power, in high-stress situations. This creates a deep-down confidence, making you feel truly safe to SHINE and be SEEN.  Visibility fears and anxiety evaporate.  It becomes easy and natural to step into the spotlight and get noticed as a powerful woman.

That’s when you can get noticed and fly in your career – even in the ‘boys’ club’ and even if your colleagues are dismissive or domineering – even if you’re stepping into your leadership and mission in the public eye.

Are you ready for your next level impact – but WITHOUT THE FEAR?


Over 40 days, you’ll gain the ability to:

Go from anxious to self-assured in events like meetings, interviews, lives, presentations and stressful conversations, that used to feel as if you were on trial for your life.

Speak up and hold your authority with confrontational or dismissive people – no more being talked over!

Confidently promote your work without dreading criticism, without feeling attacked, and without needing to justify yourself or people-please.

Feel deep-down safe even when ALL EYES are ON YOU, whether it’s in person, or online.

And all without changing your character or turning yourself into a prize b*tch.

It’s not coaching, it’s a life-changing mind-training that you can apply to any situation in your life!


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