David Kaufman

Wellness Coach

I'm David and I'm here to tell you that you can change old patterns, even when you feel at the bottom, de-motivated and burnt out and get back on the wave of personal success and passion from life.

Through Lifestyle Movement, I help you push your boundaries and build a better version of yourself and support you in your efficiency, freedom and health, giving you the necessary meaning in life and the energy to meet your goals.

The Story

Making a difference

Work and money was a priority for me as I built my business, ran big companies and opened a fitness centre. I was successful in the eyes of others, but I was slowly getting overwhelmed, tired and burned out.

One day in the mirror I saw me. Burnt out, fat, tired and unattractive.

I started working on my body incorporating various training methods and various forms of diet and discovered the most effective approach for me through traditional methods as well as scientific knowledge and modern Biohacking technologies.

I lost 20kg in two months, got rid of the burnout and learned methods that are effective and time saving for my clients.

Thanks to my results, I have once again embarked on a wave of flow and personal success, through my routines and this personal journey of knowing and understanding that any sustainable success in life is a combination of our body and mind.

I can help you do the same.

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