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Crushing your Morning Routine – Maggie Colette

Why do you need a morning routine?

Instilling a strong and empowering morning routine is one of the biggest challenges I see women facing when they begin their personal development journeys. Often, a morning routine is overlooked or underestimated in importance when, in reality, success is only 20% strategy; the other 80% is down to mindset and one key tool in establishing the right mindset is a powerful morning routine.


By forming certain habits as part of a routine, female entrepreneurs will be able to achieve mind-blowing things, both professionally and personally.


By routine, I don’t mean a cup of coffee and a shower before starting work. I mean setting time aside – ideally first thing in the morning, with no distractions (so no phone!) – to check in with yourself, and action habits that are known to strengthen your mind and body. Not only does this establish the foundations for a productive day, but by taking the time to explore which success habits work for the individual and tailoring them into a routine that works personally, the foundations for success in all areas of life will also be established.


Read on for a selection of my personal favourite success habits to include in your morning routine:



This is an excellent tool to help quieten the mind – something every entrepreneur will be in need of. It takes time and practice but dedicating a few minutes at the start of each day to sit in silence and focus on your breathing will help you gain clarity and calm. It does wonders for your mental wellbeing; reducing stress and increasing concentration. If you find you can’t maintain focus or are experiencing feelings of anxiety, then taking the time out to meditate will help.



Positive affirmations are sentences, written in the present tense, that we compose to strengthen our beliefs. For example, “I am a success magnet”, “I am calm and in control”, “I attract clients easily”. By creating these statements and saying them out loud, we are training our minds to believe that what we are saying is the truth. For this reason, it is vital that we are careful in the language we use to ourselves. If you are constantly telling yourself that “I can’t do that, it’s too hard”, then you will struggle. Create a list of affirmations and pick 3-5 to focus on each morning as part of your routine.



Intentions are about who you want to be, what you wish to contribute to the world, and how you choose to touch the lives of others. For example: “I intend to develop my skills and improve myself”. Setting and living your intentions allows you to focus on who you are in the moment and to recognise and live your values. It also helps raise your emotional energy which, in turn, raises the physical vibrations you give off. Try and include at least one in your daily routine.



This is as simple as writing out a list of things you are grateful for. Try and write between 3-5 things a day, and they can be as big as “I am grateful for my new client” or as small as “I am thankful I have food to eat today”. Research has shown that gratitude is consistently linked with greater happiness. We often rush through life, not stopping to appreciate the everyday little things that we take for granted. The act of showing appreciation and thanks for what you have goes a long way, especially if you are feeling unmotivated or uninspired.



Also known as writing! This can be difficult for some at first, but it is worth persevering with as it offers amazing health benefits. Writing out your inner thoughts in a judgment-free space allows you to relive events, both good and bad in a safe environment. It also helps you to process your feelings without fear, giving you a cathartic way of releasing the stresses of everyday life. Some topics to get you started could be how you are feeling that day, a meaningful word for the day, any struggles you are facing, and what the best version of yourself looks like.


Vision Board

If you don’t already have a vision board, then definitely start one! You could use a noticeboard, a notebook, Pinterest, Trello, or something else that suits you. Use it to map out your dream life – you can use images, links, SMART goals, or stories about your future you. You could use images of your dream house, dream car, bucket list holidays, descriptions of where your business will be in a year, descriptions of how you will spend your birthday in five years. Then every day as part of your routine, look at your vision board. Visualise what it would feel like to have all those things and start taking action towards making your dreams and your future story happen.



Working out and moving your body is key to setting you up for a productive day. Whilst it might not be the most appealing thing to do first thing in the morning, the release that comes from moving your body and sweating it out will give you that much-needed energy boost while helping you to de-stress. Studies have shown that exercise helps us produce chemicals in our body called ATP. This then boosts our energy for mental output.



End your distraction-free morning routine with a nourishing breakfast to leave your body energised and ready for the day ahead. By giving yourself the time to sit and eat in a calm, unrushed manner, you will be able to start your day in a peaceful and prepared state of mind.


You may choose to keep the daily notes for your routine in one journal and they then become a record of all the wonderful things you are grateful for, the powerful intentions you have set for yourself and the words that have given you strength and inspiration on your journey. If you are serious about seeing success, start by trying these activities, building them into a routine that works for you and implementing them daily for 21 days – that’s how long something takes to become a habit.


By investing this time and effort into yourself, you are investing in your life and your business.


Maggie Colette, founder of Think Like A Boss, global independent Instagram® strategist and business coach.

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