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Creating Extraordinary Growth in your Business – Lenka Lutonska

Lenka Lutonska is Business and Mindset Strategist, a Certified NLP Trainer with the American Board of NLP, author of Energetic Selling & Marketing and creator of The Extraordinary Growth Academy. Lenka has been featured in Forbes, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, and Thrive Global. She lives with her husband and three sons in Buckinghamshire.

It has been said that if we want to fulfill our dream to serve other people while being generously paid for it, we need to be able to take a good measure of personal risk. I can attest to that. Growing up, my Slovakian father wanted me to study banking and finance, but I knew I didn’t want to do that.

I wanted to create transformation for people and “change the world.” I made a bold decision to make it happen. I left Slovakia and headed to London, aged 19, equipped with just £30, very little English, and masses of determination. I got myself a job in Mc Donald’s as a cleaner and I quickly climbed the ranks and, over 6 years, received promotions, and reached management with a fantastic salary and position. During all this time, I had been studying a range of self-development models including psychotherapy, counseling, hypnotherapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

NLP changed my life

My initial training in NLP was a total life-changer. Based on the tools and techniques I learned during that week, I was able to finally let go of an eating disorder, attract a loving man into my life, and most importantly me, let go of feelings of inadequacy. I wanted many other people to experience what I did! I sold my half of a house I owned with a friend to be able to study NLP to the highest level. I resigned from my job, moved in with my boyfriend (now husband), and started to build my “dream business” from his kitchen table. The first few years of running my own business were challenging, but I made it work. I built a small but very successful training and coaching company, serving hundreds of people from various walks of life. But then I made one fatal error in a business partnership which led to the complete loss of my business in a matter of months. Two painful years followed in the struggle to rebuild my company. But no matter how much selling or marketing I did, the clients didn’t come.

I started to contemplate this question – ‘What would you do if you didn’t care what people think of you? What would you do if you were not afraid of anything?’ and, in that space, I received my answer – I needed to let go of my fear of judgment.

The Spiritual Nature of Business

Once I started intuitively listening, things changed. Our intuition, I believe, is the best business coach on the planet, and if we dedicate time to enhance our intuitive listening, we can reap massive benefits. I learned to actually put my
intuitive ideas into practice, even if they felt scary or unreasonable. Following my intuition not only
encouraged me to make many uncomfortable decisions that went against the common marketing and selling advice, but it also led me to pay more attention to the energetic or, if you like, the spiritual nature of business. And this is how the set of Energetic Selling and Marketing principles were born.

Using these principles enabled me to grow a thriving 7-figure business. To date, I’ve helped thousands of women incorporate these principles into their businesses, often with remarkable results – women increasing their fees five times and selling with greater ease than ever before; women booking themselves solid with ideal high-end clients, turning their annual income into their monthly income; and women doubling, tripling or quadrupling their sales revenues within several months.

In 2018, I wrapped my Energetic Selling and Marketing teachings into a book of the same name, and, in it, I write about how our personal energy affects our selling and marketing results. You can tell them what they need to hear with your words, but you tell them everything with your energy. It is this energy that underpins everything you do or say in your business and it’s the key to growing your business exponentially. Many women go through the cycle of constantly changing what they think of their ability to sell based on external information. Trying out new strategies, not succeeding, then developing more unhelpful beliefs that further hinder their efforts. This is what happens when we practice an action-based approach to business and let our energy – our beliefs, thoughts, awareness, and actions – be unconsciously influenced as a result.

The answer to sustainable business growth is to turn this sequence on its head and become fully conscious of what energy you apply to your business. It’s the only way to create sustainable – and often rapid – business growth that is fully aligned with our values.