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Conscious Money Creation – Karen Baines

Show me the money!

Money is very a happy by-product of alignment within you and it’s also the vital, financial component of running your business.

Undestanding your own alignment and the energetics of money offers you the opportunity to increase abundance, alignment and a whole new way of living.

Manifesting isn’t a magic spell or a secret sauce that only the chosen few are able to master.


The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is one of our many governing laws and, in its simplest form, it states that like attracts like or alternatively, the universe always says yes.

A common misconception of the LOA is that you can ‘happy thought think’ or ‘believe’ something into existence.

So, if you think long and hard enough about owning that red Ferrari, it’ll one day magically appear on your driveway?  No, that’s simply not how it works.

Happy thinking or attempting to force yourself to believe something that just isn’t true for you will not magically create what you say you want and certainly not the money to buy it.

When you think positive thoughts you will feel better, as great thoughts create more great thoughts, but you can’t think money into real form via them.

You are designed to manifest, designed to create


Everything that you have in your experience right now is created by YOU. 

Not through ‘good or bad’ thoughts and beliefs but because the universe is 100% reactive and says yes to the energy underpinning your actions.


The language of money

Putting a positive spin or shifting to a more positive attitude and then doing the same things you’ve always done doesn’t work either. What you’ve been doing doesn’t resonate to what you want, or you would already have it!

The language of money is about the energy underneath every action that you take. Your action resonates at a frequency which the universe then responds to. In order to affect your physical reality, you need to do something and take an action that resonates with what you want more of.

Spiritual practice is a key to happiness but if you want to create more actual money, you must vibrate at a physical level so that the universe says yes. This brings you new opportunities and money will land physically in your bank account.


Mind your language

 You are designed to create a fulfilling and abundant life, which the universe will say yes to, but it can only do that when you choose it.

You can make as many affirmations as you want but if the language you are using at a vibrational level is one of obligation, guilt, sacrifice, resentment, judgment or with any negative root, you’re going to create more of that judgement, obligation, sacrifice and guilt.

Choosing lower vibrational energies like obligation means the universe simply says yes to that, giving you more obligation, because that is what you are ‘saying’ you want.

Money is often how we assign value as it represents value.  When you choose not to value your experience, you will become poorer and poorer, as you repeatedly choose an energy at the opposite end of the vibrational spectrum of money.


3 tips for starting your money alignment


  1. Detox as many obligations from your life as possible.If your current experience in your business or with your money is less than you desire, this is a powerful start as obligation is the vibrational opposite of freedom.  By choosing less obligation, you are choosing more freedom, which, when it comes to money, is a very friendly energy.


  1. Ask yourself where you are ignoring your money and choosing not to deal with it?  If you choose not to deal with your money, the universe will say yes and you will have no money to deal with! We ignore what we don’t want in our lives, so by getting on top of your finances, you are making more aligned choices by taking responsibility.


  1. Do the work. Mastering your own creational process and alignment to money isn’t a tool, it’s a whole new way of being. It requires courage and taking full responsibility for every choice you make.  There is no hiding place, but there is nothing more empowering than cracking your own code and stepping into the new version of yourself that is indeed the powerful creator and generator or your own experience.


Karen Baines is a Conscious Wealth Creation Mentor teaching passionate, ambitious entrepreneurs how to master their own creational process in their business and finances in order to unlock and reach their next income level. She is a regular speaker and featured on The Dr.Pat Show, a transformational talk show for Radio Seattle. Karen is also a founding contributor to the new House of Pre-Eminence Magazine.