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Coming Home to Natural Sound – Shervin Boolerian

“Comforting, organic healing sound awakens a listener to their inner healer, their innate wisdom and creative action”


In 2012, I launched Bali’s first sound healing programme which has now served tens of thousands of guests in over 13 countries worldwide.

Music has always been my passion and calling. I’m a certified sound practitioner, sound healing teacher and trainer, vocalist and live natural music artist.

As I never enjoyed performing on stage or in my college band, I had abandoned any hope of pursuing a music career: until I discovered sound therapy and healing.

This discovery was made on my own journey of recovery back to physical health after I started to suffer physically and mentally in a demanding life and career in Washington DC, leaving me stressed out and numb. I had learnt to block out the loud and disturbing daily vibes from the big city and noise pollution and sought the solace of peaceful sounds.

Natural, harmonious sound is peaceful but loud noise can create stress and fatigue and weaken our nervous systems.


Sound therapy brought me home to music with a truly authentic connection. I left Washington DC, moved to Bali and became a holistic sound therapist and healer.

Initially, the evening symphony of crickets and frogs was deafening and unsettling. My mind raced: I couldn’t sleep. Mother nature was showing me peace but I couldn’t connect with her harmonious sounds at first.

Eventually, I slowed down and started to recover. Bali was perfect for my spiritual growth and self- development and to transition out of my career and I was able to integrate and apply the sound therapy teachings I had learned.

Who does it help?

Many of the people I help are recovering from city stress and the pressures of demanding professional careers and many have physical challenges like fibromyalgia or fatigue and chronic pain. Some are recovering from heartbreak, breakdown or trauma and have trouble opening their hearts. Some suffer from fear and anxiety-related issues. Many just want to experience sound therapy but the common thread is they all desire their lives and careers to be more fulfilling.

Professionals and leaders often have trouble balancing success with harmony in their personal lives. They feel split from their core identity and have lost touch with their ‘soul’s melody’; in musical terms, it’s like being part of a symphonic movement which grows more tense and dissonant and is unable to resolve itself.

What is sound therapy?

Sound therapy is a natural, non-invasive therapy which can reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep patterns enhance mood, offer relief from chronic pain, PTSD and/or trauma and even enhance memory capacity in Alzheimer’s patients.

I combine presence, music and heart-opening vocals as “sound medicine” for people to access a place of their own inner wisdom and I address the underlying energy, not just symptoms. I never have a prescribed treatment plan and, instead, tune into what I can feel and read from people in the moment. Each treatment has sound at its core but often incorporates colour, music theory, meditation and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Deep relaxation can induce a “second awareness” when a deeper, purer part of subconsciousness raises a conscious awareness of problems and how to start addressing them.

A deeply relaxed state often follows sessions. Some experience emotional releases or insights and physical pain often significantly improves.

How does the healing occur?

Sound vibration is a source of untapped universal power.  Natural sound and music are healing and transformative forces and, being so pervasive, there is little they cannot touch or unite. Music holds a primal place in each person’s consciousness and it’s the quality of the sound that makes the difference. Natural (non-electric) sounds are far more effective at creating harmonious conditions for healing than amplified or synthesised sounds.

Organic beings resonate most with organic vibrations.


Sound and music from natural acoustic instruments create “living” vibrations which are innately attractive to humans.

This is the realm of the holistic experience and the reason we need to incorporate Eastern energy medicine with the (purely anatomical) Western approach. Healers and holistic practitioners address the subtle, non-physical, energetic realm.

According to Eastern traditions, human healing depends on an understanding of nature and a connection which pays attention to the wisdom of the natural world.

In cities and built-up towns where there is little opportunity to connect to natural vibrations such as the sea, forests and natural spaces, you can still explore and experience sound healing and champion a return to peace, reduce stress and strengthen your immune system.

Create time to immerse yourself in the sounds of nature— this is one of the things professionals can do to help unwind and hit the reset button

Pay attention to the natural settings and sounds you are drawn to

What specific aspects of nature attract you? Discover what resonates with you personally to offer you insights about the energetic properties you may need.

Bring nature to you. There are many natural holistic therapies available. If you can attend a sound session, make sure your sound therapist uses natural living sound, is  trained and has an understanding of the Eastern energy world.

Listen to high quality recordings of nature or natural instruments and bring meditative sound to your space. They won’t be as rich in overtones as live presentation, so don’t listen to too much synthesised or compressed sound. Notice which types of soundscapes or natural instruments resonate with you.

Learn to play a natural instrument and introduce the essence of that instrument into your life more.  I have a fondness for flutes and choose from 5 different ones from around the world to play for my sound healing sessions.

Sound, as a vibratory energy therapy, is the most potent access point into the world of energy ‘medicine’ and life’s subtle realms.

If you can start to use sound and music beyond a superficial entertainment experience, your other senses become enhanced and more of life’s secrets start to reveal themselves; starting with your own personal journey and challenges you may be struggling with.

Tuning into YOU through sound is a key to mastering any part of life.

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