Alison Coates

Emotional Intelligence Coach | Industrial Psychologist |programme and Project Manager

Alison is a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and a qualified Industrial Psychologist, Programme and Project Manager. She actively champions personal, professional and organizational success and is personally motivated by the achievement & sustainability of goal focused outcomes and benefits.

The Story

Making a difference

Alison’s success centres around the multi-disciplinary approach she brings to her coaching practice. Having spent 25 years in a corporate environment as a Business Change / Transformation Consultant and Programme Manager, both in the UK and in SA, Alison now combines this consulting experience with Emotional Intelligence and Life Coaching techniques to help her clients strengthen personal awareness, develop interpersonal skills and navigate opportunities to understand how their teams ‘feel’ about each other.
This promotes engagement, motivation and results, which is both meaningful to the individual and valuable to the organization.

Alison owns Revo Consultant and her services include online and in person meeting and workshop facilitation, keynote speaking, customized training facilitation as well as Genos International EI assessments, interviewing and coaching services.

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Based in Durban, South Africa and available via global online platforms.