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CEO & Founder, Sales & Marketing Nerd

Hey, I’m Melissa

A sales and marketing mentor, serial entrepreneur, and all-out, certified tech geek dedicated to helping you launch your gifts and brilliance into the world.

Working with me, you eliminate frustrating tech headaches that waste your precious time and energy... You ditch the patchy web of software programs duct-taping your business together…

And instead, accelerate growth -- and success! -- with a single, sleek, seamless online platform that helps you attract, nurture, enroll, and serve your audience and clients.

“The automation keeps my pipeline filled…and increased my bottom line.”
Nancy Luccesi, Founder, Unleashed Mobile Apps

The Story

Making a difference

Freedom Awaits

If you’re like most people I talk to… you love your business! You’re a true expert with a proven offer. And whatever your specialty, you help people change their lives for the better.

But you’re probably using a slew of different software programs to make it all happen. What a jumble of “languages” to learn, tech chats to wrangle, updates to keep up with. It’s exhausting!

Expensive too: To buy 6, 7, 8 or more subscriptions. Pay VAs to figure it all out. To fix integration problems when programs stop talking to each other. The embarrassment when your audience sees the glitches…

And I get it, I’ve been there myself.

For 11 years, I ran a successful sales training company catering to small business owners. And like so many entrepreneurs, had to band-aid my software together. It was frustrating, inefficient… and there had to be a better way. My inner tech geek wouldn’t rest until I found my dream system! But it didn’t exist. So I created one instead.

Working with a team of highly-skilled software developers, we designed a seamless, automated, all-in-one platform that helped me run every aspect of my business: From page builders, multi-channel marketing campaigns and my website, to email, my appointment scheduler, contact management, and more.

Finally, I had a way to easily fill my sales pipeline, nurture my audience, and run events and trainings. I looked and felt more professional too!

Cultivating Sales helps coaches, consultants and their teams automate, grow, and manage their 6-figure (or soon to be) businesses. And instead of tangling with tech, it frees them to focus on what really matters: Creating remarkable experiences for their audience and clients… Planning next-level strategies and goals… And actually having more fun in their business.

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