Bonita Ackerman du Preez

Trauma recovery therapist and coach

Hello, I am Bonita, a trauma recovery therapist and coach specialising in anxiety and stress management, PTSD, grief, fears, phobias, lack of confidence and resilience. Four years ago, I left teaching after experiencing my own personal trauma, stress and anxiety. I retrained as a Personal Performance Coach but found my clients had one aspect in common - several had experienced a significant negative event or trauma in their past which led to negative behaviours, feelings and emotions. These negatives, in turn, led to the symptoms of anxiety and stress and some developed PTSD or cPTSD.

I made it my quest to develop a full understanding of the neuroscience behind why the brain thinks and reacts like it does and what effect it has on human behaviours. Over the past 3 years I have developed the ‘Integrated Therapy System’ using 8 different modalities to help bring along change quickly and effectively. This trauma system helps to delve at a deep level, peeling away the layers of trauma often formed over several years.

The men, women and children I work with learn to put how they think of the past behind them, rebuild their life in the ‘now’ and look forward to planning their futures free from negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.

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Bonita is a qualified Professional Personal Performance Coach, a trained NLP, Hypnotherapy, TimeLine, Rewind, EMDR, IEMT and Kinetic Shift Practitioner.

She specialises in treating trauma, PTSD, grief, fears, phobia, anxiety and stress using a combination of techniques to create success with each individual client. She works with adults and children and offers corporate training in Anxiety and Stress Management using the Calm Colleagues approach. Bonita offers a bespoke corporate therapy option for business working directly with HR, Heads of Department and Company Directors. Bonita also offers training in Trauma, Recovery and the Brain.

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