Berta Maso

A Career Coach and HR Consultant

Hi, I’m Berta Maso! A Career Coach and HR Consultant. Through my 121 coaching programs, ‘Power Up Your Career’ group program and ‘Your Career Transition Toolkit’ self-study online course, I support well accomplished leaders to evolve and reinvent so they can start living a fulfilling life in every sense of the word by connecting their jobs with who they really are and what they really believe in.

Some time ago I made a huge career change of my own. I had been unhappy at work for way too long (sufficient to say that none of what was going on at work at that time was in line with my life values) and when motherhood kicked in, the need for a change became even more evident. So I took the bold decision to pull the break and change direction. I had finally come to terms with my corporate background not having to be my life sentence.

Today, my mission is to support well accomplished professionals in the same journey as I know what its like to be stuck somewhere you don’t really belong any longer.

The Story

Making a difference

My 20 years of business acumen gained in the people front of the fashion industry together with the learnings acquired in my own career marked by constant change and reinvention, puts me in a privileged position to support my high achieving clients to evolve and up their game.

Originally from Barcelona, my HR career started in London where I worked for Burberry and Christian Dior. I then moved to the Middle East (first to Kuwait and then Dubai) where I worked as the People Director for the Retail Partner of most of the luxury brands.

The Middle Eastern dream lasted four years until change knocked at my door again. I moved to Switzerland with a once in a life-time opportunity to build the “people front” of a fantastic and powerful American Brand in Europe. We made the impossible possible and proved the world that the sky's the limit. But success came at a high price. Long working hours, poor work-life balance, unprecedented stress and pressure and a toxic organisational culture all took its toll on me and forced me to reassess my whole life and career.

In 2016, I reinvented again -this time for myself and I founded BMS – Human Resources Management. I trained as a coach and today I support high-flying professionals to evolve and elevate their success alongside supporting small business owners with the people in front of their businesses.

I hold a degree in Psychology, a Masters in Business Psychology, a PGD in Human Resources Management and a certification as a Personal Performance Coach.

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