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Being A Lighthouse – Gemma Went

Staying true to your mission

It’s easy to lose sight of your mission while you’re busy building your business. But if you focus on being the lighthouse and staying true to your mission, you stay within your highest goals and values.

Offering services from a place of integrity to your clients and staff requires that you first have intense integrity with yourself. Getting clear on your goals, your values, your desires, your mission is key.

Asking yourself if the energy you’re putting out aligns with the energy, mission, and goals you have set for your business? If not, it’s time to stop trying to implement all those external strategies until you get clear on who you are as a person, a coach and an entrepreneur.

Your intentions, actions and behaviours match the values and ethics of your coaching, mentoring company and community. Does the way you run your business reflect how you want to feel and what you want to accomplish? When you operate from this space, you will not only attract your ideal clients but also build a sustainable, healthy business and make an impact. Each of us is compelled to go deeper with our coaching and explore what it means to be a truly successful, ethical coach.

Great coaching is authentic and thought-provoking. It requires rigorous engagement, your own accountability and courageous ownership of your work, as well as ongoing learning for yourself as a coach, entrepreneur, trainer, consultant or mentor. 


How do you show up and shine?

By being your own lighthouse, you stand firm to your own ethics and shine that light out for others. What does being a lighthouse mean for you? How do you want to show up and shine?

Being the lighthouse empowers leaders to build and grow their business in a way that reflects who they are, so they can make the greatest impact.

When you’re being your authentic self, you become the compelling example that attracts your ideal clients. It’s important to me that the work I do is in alignment with my values. For example, what started as a way for me to make money has now turned into something more meaningful and purposeful. 

Further, being your authentic self is the most important factor in attracting ideal clients. You’re a representation of who you want to be and how you want others to see yourself, so it’s vital that they see this and resonate with you.

You become a beacon for the people that resonate with your message and want to grow into their truth, just like you did. When you’re in alignment with who you are and what makes sense for YOU – without giving up or selling out – then it becomes easier to attract those that share this desire. You become an avatar of authenticity; they will follow your lead because it feels authentic too!

Delivering on our promises

Being the lighthouse gives direction to those who want to be guided beyond fairytales about self-empowerment and moves them toward purpose, mindfulness, excitement and true creativity.

Every year there are thousands upon thousands of programs that come packaged with endless clichés and unethical practices.

I believe we can do better. We all need to do better.

To deliver on our promises, to get real results, to create first class experiences that create referrals on repeat.

This is now my ninth year in the online business world, and I’m shining my lighthouse bright. But a few years ago – after achieving phenomenal results in my business – I realised I was out of alignment. So, I stopped. I stripped my business back, I reviewed, I removed, I re-aligned and overhauled my programs and offerings.

Leading an ethical pathway

I was feeling impacted on a soul level, by the rising unethical practices in the industry, which felt out of integrity to me.

It was then the epiphany came to me, that I should stand up, be part of the solution and shine a light for ethics and integrity. This is when my Lighthouse Business Academy™ was born.  

Now I don’t say this from a place of ‘perfection’ of always getting it right. I’ve made the mistakes, and undoubtedly I’ll make more, but my intention and focus helping soul led humans create an ethical, aligned, sustainable business is clear.

This has been a path of enlightenment, without having to be reactive, sell out or take part in incongruent tactics. I’m committed to building a business based on honesty, to owning my mistakes and clearing them up. This is at the core of what I teach and why I created the Conscious Consultant Certification because I could see the lack of ethics growing and I wanted to do something about it.


Gemma is founder of the Lighthouse Business Academy™, her company with one focus: to rid the online business industry of unethical practices through accredited, results-focussed courses.

The Conscious Consultant CertificationⓇ is where she shares how to become an ethical, results driven, legacy-led Online Business Coaches, using her 22+ years corporate, brand, agency and sme experience plus 9 years specific experience serving thousands of online business owners.

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