Anna Anderson

Transformational Life and Integrative Health Coach | NLP Practitioner

Welcome! I’m Anna, a certified Transformational Life and Integrative Health Coach, NLP Practitioner and founder of The Nurture and Nourish System™. My mission is to help women break-free from the shackles of feeling unhappy in their body to living a life of freedom and joy.

My reason for this mission comes from my own experiences and healing. I spent years feeling disconnected from my body, sabotaging through food, alcohol and shopping, starting new diets and using the scales to determine my mood. I found the answer through learning to love and nurture myself at a body, mind and soul level – it created such peace, health and happiness for me that I made it my mission to teach others. I have now helped 1000s of women transform their relationship with themselves and lose weight for good.

Consider it the anti-diet way!

The women I work with are warriors. They have been taking care of everyone around them for a very long time. Yet they have been ignoring their own needs and they are tired.
They are ready to change their relationship with food, their body and ultimately themselves. It is time for you to be on your to-do list!

The Story

Making a difference

Anna Anderson is an accredited coach and NLP Practitioner. She holds certificates in health and life coaching and is a certified yoga teacher. She helps women become empowered in body and mind, guiding them to break free from the constraints of limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns to live a life full of joy, passion and purpose.

Anna believes that to be well in the mind we must be well in our body...yet often self-care is the last thing on our to-do list. She’s recently launched her podcast The Warrior Journals, has a regular slot of BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex and runs wellbeing retreats.

Anna is the founder of The Nurture and Nourish System™ - her signature programme which guides women through transformation at a body, mind and soul level.