Alison Moore

Relationship Therapist and Coach

With a background of Senior Leadership Development in one of the world’s most successful companies, Ali is now an accredited Psychotherapist supported by the British Psychological Society. Ali holds an Advanced Diploma in Coaching as well as Mindfulness Practise and holds a BSc Hon. in Behavioural Psychology.

Ali blends traditional science- based therapy with Conscious Living practises bringing about a true change of mental wellness for her clients, whether in private practise or in the corporate world. Creating Healthy Relationships in themselves and with those around them.

Ali is the author of best seller Reconnect Your Life – based on her successful Reconnection Programme. Ali lives in a beautiful cottage in Kempston ‘The Three Fishes’ with a very patient hubby- which is also where the Bemoore HQ sits within the grounds. Together they are parents/ co parents of 5 wonderful headstrong and independent children spanning an age gap of 24 years and a crazy sprocker called Reggie with currently 2 diva ducks in resident. She is a regular expert contributor to media such as BBC3 Counties Thrive Global and guest expert for Woman’s Own and Sheerlux magazines.

The Story

Making a difference

I am committed to empowering my clients to feel their best and embrace their true self and have healthy relationships throughout their world. I loved coaching but having gone through some serious life transformations myself including bereavement, separation, divorce and severe anxiety, I also discovered the power of Psychotherapy and after being encouraged to re-train I know it was the missing piece to creating a way to really empower my clients to have transformational healing.

In my therapy and coaching I use a mixture of traditional talking therapy based on Existential and Jungian methods whilst adding in Mindfulness and Conscious Living Practises. I understand the importance of a holistic approach that supports your mind, body and spirit. Creating a real connection with you and creating space for healing and transformation to begin. We put on different hats and different acts. Then when we go through life’s transformations such as changing careers, starting a family, loss, divorce, and sometimes trauma… we can lose sight of who we truly are - become focused on anxieties and negative thoughts.

What I have learnt – my Reconnection Moments as I call them – is that when we take on life in balance with our true self the challenges seem less complex.

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