Teresa Brooks

Transformational Business & Personal Coach | Credited NLP Trainer | Master NLP Practitioner Founder of COACH Magazine & Podcast | Mental Health Advocate (MHFA England) | Silent Counsellor

Teresa Brooks is a certified Business Coach, NLP Trainer (ANLP) NLP Master Practitioner, DISC certified and an award-winning businesswoman. She is also a trained MFHA (England).

Her expertise is in helping ambitious female entrepreneurs to unlock their full potential and overcome invisible barriers. Teresa works with mission led women who love what they do but often find the world of business and sales overwhelming. She combines professional growth with personal development so that they can sell with ease and in integrity in their business.

Being passionate about self-development alongside business development, Teresa works deeply with core values to help women develop their own inner guidance and self-belief to create true alignment with their businesses and lives.
She offers NLP workshops, NLP Diploma and Practitioner training plus ongoing mentoring to embed the skills of NLP and learn how to use them for client growth and personal transformations as well as build a business as a Practitioner.

Founder of COACH Magazine and COACH Podcast, she is a passionate advocate for professional coaching and training in a (currently) unregulated industry. She is a member of the Association of Coaching and the ANLP. She talks on ethics and integrity in the coaching industry and runs a networking membership community of coaches and consultants, COACH CONNECT.

The Story

Transform your results

She has run her business since 2012, including 3 publishing businesses and founded Teresa Brooks Coaching in 2018. With 25 years of business advertising and sales experience, Teresa was was recognised as one of the YELL Top 100 salespeople in the UK.
her coaching business offers women a programme to learn how to sell with success and integrity and hlpes them to unlock blocks and overcome imposter syndrome.
She has been featured in Business Success magazine, Medium, Newsweek, Industry Leaders, The Sun and BBC Radio. COACH Podcast was a 2021 Awards finalist.

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